Impact Driver Uses

Impact driver uses vary from one person to another. One metalworker says that he never dreamed he would use his impact driver at all when he got one that was included in a six-piece kit he'd purchased, containing other tools he commonly used. Describing his first impressions of the tool as being “small and wimpy", this metalworking man went on to learn something new about impact drivers. Once he owned one, he found numerous instances in which the driver was put to good use. He used it for self-tappers, lag bolts, anchors, tap-cons, and for running stainless steel fasteners.

Tool Reviewers Love Em!

Another guy, a tool reviewer, in fact, already knew the versatility inherent in impact drivers. The number of impact driver uses this man alludes to in his review of a new model put out by Ryobi runs the gamut from the sophisticated to the mundane. He drives all different types and sizes of screws into all different species of both hardwoods and softwoods during a variety of projects around the house.

While testing the driver, he secured drainage fittings, assembled cabinets, mounted curtain-rail fixtures, removed sheet-metal fasteners, and, just for the heck of it (and as part of testing the tool) drove some TEK screws into wood. He even did some plain, old-fashioned drilling with the impact driver and was rewarded with a not-unexpected rate of success. The reviewer deemed the Ryobi impact driver a winner for general woodworking fastening and light-to-medium-duty driving needs.

Tool reviewers must be a brotherly group, for yet another one found during this writer's search discovered just as many, or more, impact driver uses than the first. This second tool reviewer not only reviewed 18 different impact drivers, but went to great lengths lionizing the tool as the nearly the best thing since sliced bread.

He remarks throughout his piece on how less he uses his drill (and other tools) now that he has discovered the wonder of the impact drill. He drilled and drove with delight in the midst of both heavy- and light-duty applications of the drivers. Here are a few of the things he accomplished using the impact drivers he tested: turned lag bolts and cinched carriage bolts during a sundeck project; crunched foundation bolts on a stem wall; hung interior doors; installed vinyl windows; screwed down plywood sub-flooring; drilled pilot holes for door hardware; and pre-drilled parts to be used for a deck job. Additionally, he also snuggled pan-head screws into window jambs and into the backs of cabinets.

A Must-Have Tool

For drilling, driving lags, and plain old screwdriving, impact driver uses just cannot be beat. But as you can see, they do so much more. In fact, it is up to your own ingenuity to put a good impact driver to as many uses as possible. Its universal design makes it one of those can't-live-without tools that many people do not realize they cannot live without until they actually get one.