How Does an Impact Driver Work

Impact drivers come in two different types. One is a hand tool operated on the strength and power of your own body and the other is operated pneumatically, by the use of air pressure. Both types of impact drivers have their uses depending on the job, where it is located, and whether or not power is available. In answer to how does an impact driver work, read on to find out more.

The Loosening Tool

An impact driver is used when some kind of fastener needs to be loosened. Manual impact drivers look somewhat like fat screwdrivers with a chuck at one end in which to fit different kinds of bits, depending on what the job at hand requires. How does an impact driver work that is made like this?

Spring-loaded, the impact driver operates by employing a wedge and cam apparatus built inside it. When the user knocks the manual impact driver with a hammer, it causes the chuck, and in turn, the bit, to turn several degrees. Any type of fastener (bolts, screws, lags, etc.) is usually successfully freed through the repeated use of the torque, shock, and thread compression caused by hitting the driver.

Corded and Cordless Models

Another answer to how does an impact driver work belongs to those drivers powered pneumatically. Air-powered impact drivers essentially perform the same actions as manually powered impact drivers, except the hitting is done by the use of compressed air. A gun driven by the compression of a trigger operates the business end of the driver.

When the operator pushes the trigger, the driver turns whatever bit that has been inserted into the chuck until the trigger is released. Just as in the manually operated impact driver, a combination of the turning motion (torque), the compression of fastener threads, and the repeated shock loosen whatever type fastener you are attempting to free.

When considering how does an impact driver work, consumers need to know about cordless air-powered impact drivers, as well. Although only the 18-volt models provide similar power as those run by means of electricity, you can reap excellent benefits with these no-cord-to-drag-around models.

Cordless impact drivers generate twice and three times as much torque as regular power drills and work using a speedily rotating spring-loaded hammer that hits against an anvil attached to the chuck, occurring hundreds of times per minute.

Protect Your Ears

Another important bit of information to know when learning the ins and outs of how does an impact driver work involves the noise these tools produce. Hearing loss can occur with the repeated and prolonged use of both the plug-in and cordless models of impact drivers. Earplugs and/or headband earmuffs are recommended when using these types of impact drivers.

When learning how does an impact driver work, you will need to decide which type best fits your purpose. Of course, if electricity is not available, you will have to opt for the manually operated type. This can apply, also, if you wre working in tight-fitting situations in which the bulk of a pneumatic driver just is not possible.

With all these facts, you should at least get a grasp of how does an impact driver work to help facilitate some of the jobs you need to perform. One thing is for sure: Once you get used to the helpfulness any kind of impact driver provides, you wont ever again be without one.

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