Indoor Ponds

For those who enjoy aquariums, outdoor ponds, and aquatic plants and fish, it is only a matter of time before one toys with the idea of having an indoor pond. Though this is a bit of a controversial topic, many people debate on whether or not indoor ponds are appropriate, many have built their own indoor ponds and have enjoyed them tremendously.

The first step in building indoor ponds is in determining where it will be located. Some people have opted to use a Rubbermaid tub, add a pump and liner, and voila an instant indoor pond, but the most successful indoor ponds are usually dedicated to a patio area and require more planning, tools and equipment for their success.

To ensure the health of your aquatic animals it is recommended to use a pond filtration system that is comparable to outdoor ponds. By neglecting to take care of the indoor pond, or by not using appropriate filtration, you may in fact be encouraging the growth of Algae inside your home, and your indoor pond may reward you with an unbearable odor.

Building indoor ponds may be rewardingly beautiful but they take lots of hard work and dedication. Some people opt to take old Jacuzzis and convert them into indoor ponds. You can also purchase plans or build your own pond frame. You will need to thoroughly evaluate the size of your indoor pond and dedicate a space for it.

Before building indoor ponds, you will also need to decide what type of fish or plants you would like to house. Certain aquatic plants require certain depths for growth, and this may make difficulties for the indoor pond. You may simply choose to use smaller plants rather than make the mistake of incorporating plants that are not suitable for indoor ponds.

If you are overwhelmed with the idea of building a large indoor pond, there are smaller projects that are suitable for indoors. You can make a small water garden, the size of a half whiskey barrel or large planter, by using the same tools necessary for large-scale indoor ponds, but only on a small level. You can even equip your smaller indoor ponds with goldfish for a beautiful effect.

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