Indoor Porch Furniture

 Indoor Porch Furniture DecoratingIf you’re fortunate enough to have an indoor or enclosed porch attached to your home, you’re going to want to make the most of this space – after all, when visitors come to your home, the first thing they’re going to see is your indoor porch furniture and how it’s arranged. This outdoor/indoor living space can be as versatile as you choose to make it, depending on what kind of atmosphere you create with your porch furniture.

Indoor Porch Living Space

    - You can actually use indoor furniture in an indoor porch, since the area is still relatively sheltered from the elements. Give these pieces an extra coat of varnish or paint to keep them from fading more easily in the sunlight.

    - Since indoor porches are sheltered, you can use accentuating elements like a rug to define furniture spaces inside the porch. Place a rug in the center of your couch and lounge chairs to create a space to relax and have great conversions.

    - There should be enough small pieces of furniture – such as end tables, benches, or even decorative crates – so that every person who visits your indoor patio will have a space to rest their drink or snack. This will help to create a more relaxing and casual atmosphere.

    - Vary the textures of your indoor porch furniture without going overboard. A casual room looks great with weathered wood or metal pieces, wicker furniture, and bamboo-themed tables. This also helps to create a more ‘outdoorsy’ feel, which is appropriate considering you’re setting up a porch.

Indoor Porch Dining Furniture

    - If your porch is large enough, you might want to divide the area up into an space to sit and chat, and an area for taking meals during nice weather. Instead of using a real rug to denote the separate space, try painting a rug on the floor – that also makes spills and messes easier to clean up later.

    - Make an indoor porch sideboard: using a small chest, bench, or table, place it against the wall and fasten a few short shelves above it. This will create your own little hutch on the indoor porch, where you can store porch-specific tableware, or you can also have a little space to display trinkets and other small items.

    - Don’t use folding lawn chairs or wicker for the dining area, instead use indoor chairs at the table and just give them an extra coat of varnish to keep them clean and colorfast. This will give a much more inviting look to the dining area.

Indoor Porch Sleeping Space

    - If your porch is big enough to divide into a few areas, you might also consider using your indoor porch as an alternative bedroom! A full or queen-sized bed would look very inviting on hot summer days, and if you have kids, they’d probably love the idea of two twin beds so that they can sleep on the porch.

    - Give the sleeping area a real sense of being in your bedroom, adding a nightstand, a footstool, or maybe a desk. These smaller pieces of furniture – especially the desk – might be quite enjoyable to use out on the porch during a warm day.

    - Don’t forget to bring in a light fixture or lamp stand! If you’re going to sleep on the indoor porch, you might want to drift off while taking in a few pages of the latest novel you’ve been reading. Though usually one of the forgotten pieces of indoor porch furniture, a reading or standing lamp will be a world of use when you’re spending a hot, summer night on the porch.

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