Industrial Ovens

An industrial oven (sometimes called a commercial oven) provides many advantages; especially for the right individual. People with large families, those who enjoy entertaining, and those who appreciate the distinctive look of an industrial oven all benefit from this commercial-type appliance.

An industrial oven, made to withstand tough conditions of high-volume cooking, come manufactured for much heavier duty than standard residential ovens. Of course, this means longevity and durability to the homeowner, along with other desirable features of an industrial oven: higher heating capacity, more effective heat retention, and more efficient heat movement.

An Industrial Oven for the Residential Kitchen

Expect to pay quite a bit more for an industrial oven. Most start around $4,000, going as high as $15,000 or more, depending on the bells and whistles of size, color, and accoutrements.

You can get an industrial oven in restaurant-style stainless steel (the most popular choice among homeowners) or in designer colors like red, black, yellow, green, and many more. The Aga company, for instance, offers ovens in 15 different colors. And as for size, most desirable are the 48-inch-wide models. With this size industrial oven, you have the choice of having six burners, or you can have four burners with a grill or a griddle in the center.

Sometimes, however, a 48-inch industrial oven proves too large for a kitchen. Because of this, other sizes are also available, most commonly the 30-inch and 36-inch-wide models. With these smaller types, it is more the design appeal, rather than the more pragmatic features of an industrial oven that generates the decision to get one.

Where can you get an industrial oven? At, this companys Professional Series starts with 30-inch ranges at $3,849 with pricing and features rising all the way to $9,349. Aga ( features ranges starting at $5,000. And the Viking appliance company ( offers a line of professional ranges in a variety of designs and sizes, but does not list prices. The site does, however, feature a search-engine function to find nearby dealers for customers in the market for an industrial oven.

So, for the serious cook or for those serious about a kitchen with the designer look an industrial oven conveys, these three companies provide a good starting place for which to begin a search. With careful consideration and wise shopping, you are sure to find the industrial oven that is perfect for your lifestyle, family, and personal needs.