How to Install Bathtub Wall Paneling

Looking for info on how to install bathtub wall paneling? It is not as difficult as you may have been led to believe. The important thing is to make sure that no moisture can get through. The surrounding paneling for your bathroom can be applied to any flat surface and comes in many very nice shapes and sizes.

The panels can be bonded directly to primered moisture resistant drywall. They may also be installed over plaster, cement, Masonite, existing ceramic tile, and concrete surfaces. Specific surface preparation is required for each of these.

install bath thub panellingAs bathrooms have moved from rooms that are merely functional to rooms that are highly stylized more and more people are electing to remove old boring wall surrounds and learning how to install bathtub wall paneling that is better suited to their decorating or design tastes.

Learning new skills is always a great idea. The same holds true for learning how to install a bathtub wall paneling. This is a great thing to learn in homes that have more than one bathroom as you may find that you need this skill at a later point in time during your home ownership career. The first thing you must do is choose the paneling you wish to install in your bathroom. Not all paneling will have the same installation requirements.

First Steps First

Once you have selected the bathroom wall paneling you wish to use you really should carefully read the instructions. In fact, it is a good idea to read them more than once and be sure you understand them completely. If you have any questions it is better to address them during the process of learning how to install bathtub wall paneling than when you are halfway through the project.

Find out what type of adhesive and caulk you will need for the installation from the manufacturers specification sheets, product data or installation instructions. Some paneling is self-adhesive and all you need to do is peel the backing and stick. You will also find many tub wall panel manufacturers supply installation kits which include the proper adhesive and caulking in colors matched to the panels.

Once you have reached a point of clarity and feel confident that you know the steps involved in how to install bathtub wall paneling:

    1) The first step is to remove the existing hardware such as faucet handles, shower heads, and other obstacles that may be in your way. Use a hammer and chisel to remove anything bonded to the surface, like soap trays or towel hangers.

    2) Allow the tub wall panel time to adjust to room temperature, around 6 hours. If you bring them in cold from the outside and install them straight away, they will expand and may no longer fit correctly.

    2) Make sure you have a smooth surface on which to work. This will typically involve a few points of repair and some surface prep. Make sure your wall surface is completely dry, smooth and free of dust, dirt and soap scum.

    2) Use the box from the backing as a template and measure for spout and faucet locations that will need to be cut from the paneling. Remember, measure twice, and cut once.

    3) Time to make the cuts. Drill holes for pipes ½ inch larger than the pipes. Once the cuts have been made do a trial hanging. Mark the spaces where everything should go make sure the pieces not only fit, but also fit together. You may need to trim the lower edge if the tub has settled or walls are out of plumb.

    4) Bring out the adhesive recommended by the paneling manufacturer. Place the panel in its final location and press firmly with both hands, making sure the panel is in contact with the wall all over. Once you have applied it to the walls they will need to set for at least 24 hours. Do Not use a hammer or other tool, only your hands.

    5) Apply a bead of caulking around the panel periphery and cutouts according to the directions on the paneling you purchased. Allow the caulking to dry according to the directions.

You now have a new wall paneling for your bathroom without pulling out all of your hair or making bargains with the devil. This is not the most difficult of home improvement projects you can embark on and learning how to install bathtub wall paneling is relatively simple.

The important thing to remember is that it is better to second guess every step before moving to the next and check all measurements before cutting or applying adhesive. Your reward is a new look for your bathroom and more enjoyment of your space.

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