How to Install Replacement Windows Yourself

If you have old windows in your house, the cost of replacing them will probably be less in the long run than what they cost you in energy bills. During the winter, your old windows most likely leak heat and in the summer, cool air from your air conditioning unit. Lets explore what it takes to take out your old windows and replace them with new, energy-efficient ones.

If you have decided to replace your windows, there are a lot of options in new ones, so you have a few decisions to make. What will you replace your windows with? There are a host of different styles in replacement windows. Find something that you are happy with.

You can find all kinds of ideas for decorating your home stylishly and inexpensively in Home Decorating and Home & Garden magazines. Take a few moments to find out what is out there and what your options might be. Depending on where you live, you may have climate challenges that require a certain type of window as well. Take all of this into consideration while figuring out what replacement window you would like.

Plan Ahead

If you plan on installing your new windows yourself, take the time to read through the instructions in this article on how to replace your windows. Read through the instructions a few times until you are comfortable that you understand every stage of the process. This will make life easier for you when it comes time to actually do the replacement.

You will first need to measure your windows. It is important to have accurate measurements as a badly installed window, or one that does not fit right, will be as bad as the old windows you are trying to replace.

The two measurements that you will need are the width of the window and the height. The width of a window is measured by getting the distance between the inside of the left jamb and the inside of the right jamb. The height is measured by measuring between the window sill and the head jamb.

To be on the safe side, take three height measurements: from the left, the middle and the right side of the window. You may find that these measurements vary. Use the smallest measurement for the height of the window.

To begin your window replacement:

    1. Remove the old sashes.

    2. There should be two sets of stops if your current windows were traditionally installed. Pry the old stops off carefully. If you can, keep them in tact so that you can use them again.

    NOTE: It is important that your new window fit correctly between the outside stops and the stool. If you find that there is too much space, nail a correctly sized piece of wood to the jamb to fill the gap.

    3. Install the window supports according to the slope of your sill

    4. Place the window in the center of the opening. Make sure that the window is square.

    5. Secure the window in place using the side jambs

    6. Replace the inside stop.

    7. It is a good idea now to go inside and check that the window is working properly. If it is not, make the necessary adjustments.

    8. Go back outside and seal the outside stop gap. Simply place a narrow bead of caulking all around the seal of the window.

You should install your windows from inside your home not from the outside.

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