Install Tile around a Toilet

Installing tiles in a bathroom remains as popular as ever. It not only provides good looks and helps in cleaning surfaces, but tiles provide better stability also. Ceramic tiles have a reputation for versatility and durability, with installation best left to specialists.

But these days, fitting tiles has become a job taken on by many do it yourselfers, with all the info online, books and reference manuals from product suppliers. One area of installing tiles which is a potential problem for all who want to do everything themselves is how to install tile around toilet.
Tools required and Methodology

Basic tools required are a wet saw, tile sheets, cement board, tile adhesive, and utility knife. To start with, tiling around toilet is done to the toilet flange. It is always advisable to remove the toilet first and then replace it back when finished.

First the toilet must be flushed followed by removal of the nuts to remove the toilet tank from its position. In this step, cleaning and disinfecting theflange is necessary to maintain hygienic conditions. For septic system owners, the sewer opening should be covered up with something to prevent outflow of gas from the tank. If the current tiles raise the toilet above the flange, it is recommended to buy an extension flange kit.

In case of a tile replacement, the previous tiles are to be removed carefully. Then the cement backer board is cut using a straight edge and utility knife. The pieces are then secured to the plywood with adhesive. A gap of 1/8 inch is left between backer boards to allow them for expansion and contraction. After applying adhesive over the backer boards it is left for quite a bit time for drying.

Laying Tile

After the adhesive is dried it is time to start planting tiles. Individual tiles are attached with rubber dots underside. This actually helps in having a better grip with patterned sheets and also acts as separator to create grout lines.

Work in small sections, lifting each tile and applying adhesives underneath them. Use as many full and unbroken tiles as possible. This helps in creating scenic effect and also looks pretty good. While using part of the tiles it is to make sure the broken edges are placed among the complete ones so that the complete ones get highlighted while viewing.

Once the process of lying down the tiles is complete, any extra adhesive is wiped out from the surface. In this process it is useful to be cautious so that no grout is detached from its original location. Then it is allowed to dry.

After the tiles are dried, the toilet seat is replaced and finally a sealer is applied when the grout is completely dry.

Wrap Up

The entire job takes some three days to be completed and costs around 325 dollars. Thus we can install tiles by ourselves and without the help of any professional. The job of installing tile around toilet becomes easier if we just put the tiles up to the flanges and take proper precaution while operating with it.