Installing Wood Flooring Tips

Wood flooring has become a popular choice for many who want to upgrade the appearance of their homes and bring the rich texture and design that only wood can offer. Installing wood flooring is something the average homeowner may think that he/she cannot do without professional assistance, but in reality the steps necessary with modern materials make installation only a slightly more difficult that normal tile installation.

In this article we will give you some tips and tricks on installing wood flooring and highlight some important areas that you will want to review during your installation.

The most important step
that many people forget when installing wood flooring is to let the wood become accustomed your homes humidity and environmental conditions before installation. It is very important that before you lay the boards that you allow the boards to sit inside your home (not the garage) for at least 3 days. This will allow the wood to contract or expand and get adjusted to your inside climate.

Always start laying wood floorboards in a corner and work your way in an even fashion. Spacers should be placed between all walls and corners to allow for molding afterwards to be installed properly. When installing the wood flooring remember to fit the tongue-and-groove ends together so they align perfectly. Do not try to force-fit a board as you will risk damaging the tongue-and-grove system as well as getting a bad alignment with the rest of the flooring.

After each piece
of board is laid, gently tap it with a hammer using a protective piece of scrap wood between the hammer and the newly installed board. This firmly seats it into place and ensures that the adhesive used on the edges is properly bonding.

Also, it is recommended that you use a perfectly flat ruler or yardstick after each board and lay it on its widest side to check for flatness between the two boards. If the ruler is laying flat against one board and slightly rising on the other then you have a possible alignment problem and should try and re-seat the board. Some people finding this task tedious, but properly installation of wood flooring takes time, with the end result being a wonderful floor that will give years of enjoyment.

When finished, give your new floor a day or two to settle before moving heavy furniture or other items onto it. As a last step you should properly clean and optionally seal the wood floorboards. Check the manufacturer's instructions on how to do this, as it will vary widely amongst different brands of wood flooring. Installing wood flooring isn't hard; it just takes time and patience, but the end result is something you will be proud of for many years to come.

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