Installing a Basement Shower: Pump Systems

Installing a basement shower can be one of the best home-improvement projects you can do to your home. Not only does a shower add convenience (especially if you’ve converted your basement to an extra bedroom), but it’s also one of those home improvements that pays off very well when and if you decide to sell your home. One reliable source claims that 86 percent of what you invest in installing a basement shower can be reclaimed at the time of sale of your house.

Two Methods of Handling the Water

Essentially, two ways exist for homeowners to go about the business of installing a bathroom bathroom shower. One involves getting permits from your local city for the plumbing and electrical work that will be need to be done, figuring out the ins and outs of breaking up the concrete foundation in your basement in order to install drainage pipes, and making sure that everything vents properly so that you don’t have a water backup problem sometime in the future.

The other way goes about the whole business of installing a bathroom shower in much easier way: Buying a pump system that connects to already-existing plumbing in the ceiling and/or walls.

A Ready-To-Go Pump System

One company that manufactures just such a system is the Saniflo company. Saniflo produces the Sanishower, a small, relatively easy to install pump that fits neatly behind a wall, on the floor, or hidden away tidily inside a bathroom cabinet. This small pump efficiently routes water up and away from not only showers, but it also works equally well for sink basins, bidets, bathtubs, and washing machines, too.

The Sanishower pump boasts a horizontal discharge rate of up to 100 feet and discharges vertically up to nine feet – plenty of boost to get water to above-ground plumbing lines or to the outside of your home. With dimensions of only 6”x13”x6.5”, this little pump belies the power in its 3500 rpm motor.

The Sanishower comes with an eight-page instructions booklet written in easy-to-understand English (and French!) complete with troubleshooting guide. The mechanism comes with a two-year warranty, which it makes it even more appealing than struggling with the headaches of installing your own system. (There’s nothing much more painful to the pocketbook than having to call a plumber in the middle of the night or on the weekend to fix a basement shower pipe that wasn’t properly installed in the first place.)

Other Pump Systems

Other systems exist similar to the Sanishower, and it’s best to research several before you buy. Of course, your other alternative is to go with breaking up that concrete basement floor (the hard way!) or if you have the resources, hiring a professional. But before you take either of these routes, go ahead and take a few minutes to check out the Sanishower system. You don’t risk a thing by learning, and you just may save yourself a ton of hard work or a bucket of money.

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