Installing Bathroom Tile

Installing bathroom tile is not a difficult job but just needs an eye towards detail and accuracy in order to get a professional result. The tools you will need are: a tape measure, a tile saw (some will tell you that you can get by cheaper just using tile nippers but you will not get a professional result otherwise), a tile hole cutting bit(s) of the dimension(s) you need, a drill for the bit, a grouting sponge, a mastic or mortar trowel, and tile spacers if you are not using sheet tiles.


Make sure that all your greenboard or cement board has been finished and there are no voids on the surfaces that the tiles will adhere to. Smooth surfaces ensure that there will be no unexpected cracking later on.

Make sure that all surfaces that will be contacting the new tile are absolutely clean and smooth. This will be important when the tile grout are applied.

Install the Tile

You will first need to do your tile layout. In either direction you go, either horizontally or vertically, you will not get an even number of full tiles. A good method to determine your border tile is as follows: measure your total surface width and find and mark your mid-point. This mid-point can either be the center of your center tile or the point between two tiles sharing the center point.

Work each possibility and determine which gives the biggest borders. You will have to take into account whatever is the width of the mortar joint you will be using on your new project. This will determine your starting point. Note that this applies to horizontal measurements in most situations; most tile setters will use a full tile from the bottom to the top.

Once you have your layout, strike a chalk line to adhere to and start toweling mastic or your mortar onto the surface. Use the spacers if you are using individual tiles in order to achieve separation equality between tiles.

0nce you have all the field tiles in, begin cutting in the border tiles. Give it twenty four hours to set up and then you can begin finishing up your job.

Finishing Up

Finally, you will want to grout the tiles. Either mix the grout color of your choice or buy the premixed grout. What you want to do is sponge the grout into the joints under hand pressure. Then, using a container of clean water, sponge off the grout and shape it into the joints.

This grouting is an activity that just takes a bit of practice. It’s more of an art than anything. The good thing about it is that you can back up and add grout if needed. Just keep a wet sponge and use an easy circular motion.

Congratulations on your new bathroom tile installation. As soon as the grout is dry you are cleared to begin enjoying it.