Installing Bathtubs

There are times that you would like to change your bathroom and installing a new bathtub is a great way to give your home a new look. When you are considering installing bathtubs to change your bathroom, you will find that there is a huge assortment of bathtubs for your selection.

Bathtubs can range in prices, colors, textures and shapes. However, regardless of the type of tub that you select there are some handy tips for installing bathtubs that will help you with this home improvement project.

Truly examine your bathroom. You will be surprised at how many people select a new tub, have it delivered or tote it home to find out that it will not fit in their current bathroom layout. Think about the function of the bathtub. Will it be primarily for showers, bubble baths, bathing times for the children, a romantic place to spend hours with your partner or some other purpose?

Knowing the purpose and the amount of space for the new tub will help you in selecting the ideal bathtub to place in your home. This is an important step of the process that should not be taken lightly or overlooked.

Out with the Old

Prior to installing bathtubs, it is important to remove the previous bathtub. Never forget to completely shut off the water supply to your home while installing bathtubs. Believe it or not, people actually do overlook this and have a huge mess on their hands that they were not expecting. You need to break all the seals on the tubs. In addition, all hardware can be removed at this time.

Have someone assist you with taking the bathtub out of the home and disposing of it. If the home is new, you will obviously skip this part of the process. If you are installing bathtubs in a different area of the bathroom, go ahead and move other furniture pieces in the bathroom and lift any carpeting that might be in the area.


The next step is to bring the bathtub into the home and the bathroom. Set it in the place that you want it to be. Connect the water lines to the hot and cold units on the tub. Replace the tub hardware at this time. If the tub has a tub wall liner, go ahead and assemble this part of the tub.

After all the units are together, you will use a caulk gun to seal the entire bathtub with bathtub caulk. Bathtub caulk is specifically designed for tubs and is less likely to have water problems or later mildew and mold. Once the tub has been sealed, allow it to set for a minimum of 48 hours prior to using. Use a damp cloth to remove dust in the tub area. Thoroughly clean the tub with a mild soap solution and you are now ready to enjoy your new bathtub.