Installing a New Cabinet Door

Tired of those old, worn-out-looking cabinet doors? Is it time to learn about installing a new cabinet door for your kitchen or bathroom? If so, read on to find out how to do this just as well as the pros!

The first step in replacing old cabinet doors with new ones is to carefully remove the hinges without gouging the surrounding wood and take down the old doors. If not installing new hardware on the kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors you will be hanging, be sure and keep all hardware (hinges, handles, knobs, screws) in one place to save time and to keep from having to find them scattered about on counters, floors, and tables. Otherwise, keep new hardware in a convenient place handy for installation.

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If applicable, remove any moldings and clean area surrounding the cabinet door opening thoroughly. If you are keeping old hardware, clean this also with hot, soapy water and a scrub brush small enough to get dirt, grease, and grime from tiny areas. You do not want a new, clean door and hinges on an old, dirty cabinet!

The hardware you choose when installing new cabinet doors can make all the difference in the world. How many you choose depends on the height and weight of the door. For instance, to hold the door properly:

  • a twenty to thirty-eight-inch high cabinet door weighing nine to eleven pounds needs two hinges
  • One that is thirty-nine to sixty-one inches high and weighing thirteen to twenty pounds should have three hinges
  • Twenty-nine to thirty-three-pound cabinet doors with heights of sixty-two to eighty inches require four hinges
  • heights of eighty-one to ninety inches weighing thirty-four to forty-eight pounds need five hinges

Set hinges about two inches from the top and bottom of the door and secure with either a manual screwdriver or power impact driver. If using more hinges, space them out equally over the remaining distance between the two installed hinges. When hanging two, side-by-side kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors, leave about one-eighth of an inch separating them.

That about it. You have installed kitchen and/or bathroom doors just like the pros do, and for about two-thirds the cost!

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