Installing Ceramic Tile

Do not let the thought of installing ceramic tile prevent you from resurfacing your floor! You can do this yourself and save a bundle while getting a floor you will be proud of for years. Here are some tips to help you along.

The first step in installing ceramic

    Making sure the subflooring is adequately prepared. It must be flat, smooth, and free from any waxy or oily residues. Sometimes if these conditions just cannot be remedied by any other means, you may need to lay cement backerboard for the ceramic tile to be able to adhere to properly.

The second step

    Installing ceramic tile on a floor entails applying two coats of thinset. The first application is put on the subfloor with the smooth side of the trowel, and the second coat is applied using the notched side. The ridges formed by the notched side of the trowel aid in the adhesion of the tile to the floor.

The third part is

    Unless you use a chalkline to determine the center when installing ceramic tile on a floor, you could wind up with a tile floor that looks like an amateur installed it. To avoid this, snap two perpendicular lines from the center point of the two longest parallel walls.

and then:

    begin laying the tiles with the first one centered on the middle of the cross mark this creates in the middle of your room. Lay the tile from the point outward in all directions, a few tiles at a time, until you reach the edges. You will probably need tile nippers when installing ceramic tile in corners, around curves, and for odd-shaped areas.

After allowing the tiles to set for a day, continue to the next phase of installing ceramic tile flooring:

    Applying the grout. Spread the grout with a float held at a 40-degree angle. This ensures adequate coverage of the joints between the tiles. Doing one small section at a time allows you to go over the area with a damp sponge to clean up excess grout before it hardens.

And there you have it, you are no longer a newbie at installing ceramic tile. And now that you have gotten a handle on installing ceramic tile, you may discover a host of other applications wherein you can enjoy your new-found talent. So go for it. Installing ceramic tile may just be your brand new calling.