Installing Granite Countertop

Many homeowners dream of installing granite countertop in their kitchen. Granite is one of the most durable and attractive counter materials available. It is not inexpensive, however, nor is it easy to install. For most people, installing granite countertop should be left to the professional.

Much of the estimated cost for installing granite countertop comes from the labor expenses. Do it yourselfers can reduce the final cost by getting the room ready for the countertop to be installed. This consists of removing the preexisting counters, sink, range top, and other elements that are part of the kitchen counters. The dishwasher also must be removed.

The workers installing granite countertop must know how to handle it to not damage it. The granite comes in solid slab about an inch thick, four feet wide, and eight to twelve feet long. If it is handled wrong, the weight of the stone can cause it to break. In the same way, the stone can crack in years to come if it is not installed correctly.

The cabinets will need to be reinforced with metal rods and topped with plywood before installing granite countertop. Also, careful measurements must be taken and templates made for cutting the granite.

The goal is to cut and fit pieces together so there is a minimum of seams, or places where two pieces of granite meet. The seams are somewhat noticeable when the counters are finished.

Granite slabs must be cut precisely with diamond tipped saw blades when installing granite countertop. The installers can seal the seams and then apply a seal over the entire surface to give it a long life.

Then they will replace the sink, range top, and other fixtures that were removed. The dishwasher will also need to be reinstalled. Sometimes special tools have to be used to cut the granite so that these fixtures all fit correctly.

Installing granite countertop in your kitchen will add value to your home. Granite is natural, stylish, and classic. Having it for your kitchen counters is a long-lasting investment. By doing the preparation for the installers, you can reduce the amount you have to spend on labor.

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