Installing a Limestone Hearth

Installing a limestone hearth is a great way to enhance the richness and depth of any room that has a fireplace. The rugged, yet refined look of natural stone creates an ambiance of comfort that is not found in many other mediums.

The functionality of the stone provides the mason with an opportunity to create custom designs that display a truly unique work of art. Many designers view natural stone as a way to incorporate artwork into the functional structure of a home.

There are several different ways to utilize the stone when installing a limestone hearth. One option is to stack the stone and use it to build the structural framework of the fireplace itself. A skilled mason can utilize this method of installation and maximize the natural beauty of each piece.

Limestone Facade

A second method that is often used is to utilize the limestone as the face pieces for a natural stone façade. In this instance, the stone will be set into place as a decorative cover over a pre-constructed piece. This pre-constructed piece actually provides the supportive structure for the hearth and the fireplace. The limestone simply acts as a decorative amenity.


Once you have finished installing a limestone hearth, you need to make sure that it is cared for properly. Stones that are installed near wood burning fireplaces can gather soot over time. The best way to ensure that this soot is easily cleaned off is to seal the stone.

Sealing Limestone

Without changing the appearance or color of the stones natural beauty, the sealer will prevent soot and other grime from sticking to the surface of the rock. This will make it much easier to keep clean. Additionally, the sealer will help keep the amount of dust that is emitted by the stone to a minimum.

Stones naturally produce dust as air currents and environmental subtleties act on them. Make sure that you apply a good stone sealer to keep this activity to a minimum.

There are several advantages to installing a limestone hearth instead of using a ceramic design. It requires a lot less maintenance and is much more durable. Ceramic design will often show the slightest smudge and can easily crack if a stray piece of wood tumbles onto it hard enough.

The use of natural limestone eliminates the possibility of cracks, and the natural color of the stone hides many smudges and marks that commonly happen around wood burning fireplaces. THere is a good selection of limestone cleaning products available.

There are many options available now for fireplace materials. Though they do run higher in price, it may be worth your while to consider installing a limestone hearth. Having a natural stone product inside your home will immediately increase the resale value and you even if you are not even anticipating selling your home, you will enjoy years of relaxing hours in front of your warm hearth.

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