Installing Outdoor Tile Designs

Adding outdoor tile designs to your home is a wonderful way to enhance the look of it. You can choose from various sizes, styles, and even designs in order to customize the look you are after. These outdoor tile designs can be placed on the sidewalk leading up to your home or along a path to your backyard. You will find the process for installing them is quite simple.

Look at your Options

Before you get started, have a general idea of where you want the outdoor tile designs to be. This way you can take accurate measurements and purchase the right amount of materials to complete the project. If you are going with a solid design you won’t have to do any other measuring. However, if you want to place a different color of tiles around the edges or place a different design in the middle you will need to calculate the materials for this as well.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are getting the right amount of materials is to draw the layout for the project on graph paper. This type of paper has small squares and you will want to use one square to represent each tile you need for your design. If the tiles are going to be different colors you will want to use colored pencils or crayons to shade them in.

Choosing Materials

It is a good idea to buy additional materials for the project. This way you will have them if you are off a little bit on your calculations. In some areas you will have to cut the tiles to fit the space around the edges and this can be tricky. Having a few extras while be helpful if you cut one incorrectly. Make sure you use a sharp tile cutter or

Preparing for the Tiles to be Laid

Many of the outdoor tile designs available fit well over any type of surface. This is includes a sidewalk, driveway, and even your wooden patio deck. Make sure you take care of any problems with the foundation area where you will place the outdoor tile designs before you start installing them. This will help ensure you get a quality look from the completed project and that it will last a very long time.

Some of the tiles out there simply snap into place without having to use any type of adhesive, nails, or other tools. This is a very fast and easy way to install outdoor tile designs. If you put it together and realize that the design isn’t quite right you can easily change it as well.

Other types of outdoor tile designs require you to use mortar to adhere the tiles to the area. You can choose from either gray for dark colored tiles or white for lighter ones. You want to thinly spread it on the back of each tile from one edge of it to the other. Make sure you invest in a good quality grout because you want it to hold your outdoor tiles designs securely in place.

After each of the outdoor tiles has been installed you need to let them dry overnight. The next day you can add grout to help hold them all in place securely. There are plenty of different colors of grout that you can select from in order to match well with the outdoor tile design you have created.