How to Insulate a Crawl Space

Taking the time to learning how to insulate a crawl space can save you considerable expense in energy bills plus prevent future headaches. Read on to find out how blown insulation and fiberglass batt can go the extra mile toward benefiting your pocketbook's bottom line.

Crawl spaces can contain water pipes that are apt to freeze and burst in extreme cold-weather conditions. Heat and air-conditioning ducts also can be located in crawl spaces and that wastes energy without you even realizing it. By going ahead and insulating a crawl space, you can even make your floors warmer in the winter and cooler in hot summertime temperatures.

Fiberglass batt, the most common and efficient insulating material used, can be fairly easily installed in most crawl spaces. You will need to attach a furring strip to nail the insulation strips to the band joists at the top of the crawl-space walls.

Polyethylene sheeting should be placed on the ground prior to installing the insulation. Ensure you install the proper grade of fiberglass insulation by purchasing 6 inch thick material that carries an R rating of at least 19.

Another method of insulating a crawl space is to have insulation blown into a constructed box, built below the sub-flooring of the house and up off the ground beneath the house. You can either do this yourself or to save time and future trouble (by getting the work guaranteed), hire a professional. If you do choose to blow insulation into this area yourself, you can rent the necessary machine at home stores as well as purchase the insulation material there as well.

When insulating anything, including a crawl space, always were protective clothing. A facemask, long-sleeved shirt, and gloves are imperative. Goggles may impair your vision some, but wearing them will prevent any particles from the insulation from getting into your eyes.

Insulating the crawl space of your home can save you up to twenty percent or more annually in heating and cooling bills. So do not wait any longer! Get that crawl space insulated and spend those extra dollars on something you will really enjoy!

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