Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover

An insulated aluminum patio cover is just what you need if you have a deck or patio that you rarely use because of the sun beating down on it. Outdoor entertaining is a joy if you have shade available, but no fun at all in the hot sun. Patio covers come in a choice of insulated or uninsulated. An insulated aluminum patio cover is just the ticket if you desire to reduce the temperature underneath.

Made of two panels of aluminum bonded to a three inch (or thicker) core of structural foam, an insulated aluminum patio cover keeps the heat of the sun from coming through. It is also strong enough to stand up under a load of snow during the winter. They can be purchased in a kit that contains panels that interlock. The finished patio cover is strong enough that you can walk on it.


The pricing of a kit for an insulated aluminum patio cover varies according to options chosen, but runs around 8 dollars per square foot of cover and up. Uninsulated aluminum patio covers run about a dollar less per square foot. Seams can be sealed with "peal and seal" material that features a top facing of aluminum over mineral fiber. Alternatively, you can seal the seams with urethane adhesive available for use in a caulk gun.

You can choose from several attractive neutral colors when choosing an insulated aluminum patio cover. Common choices include white, gray, ivory or bronze. Some insulated patio cover panels can be purchased in sizes of 4 feet wide and up to 35 feet long. In addition to interlocking systems, you can also choose to get panels that attach to each other by the use of vinyl cleat connectors.

Insulated Roofing

An insulated roof system that is designed to have shingles placed on it can also be purchased from some suppliers of insulated aluminum patio cover supplies. This type of roof system includes a layer of plywood for applying shingles or tile roof materials. Such a system would be appropriate for a carport or screened in porch.

When installing an insulated aluminum patio cover, guttering around the edges will help direct rainwater into a suitable place. Guttering can be made of vinyl or aluminum, and can often be included in the kit you buy, or can be purchased from the same supplier as the patio cover panels you buy.

While wood is traditional and beautiful for building home and garden additions, there are contraindications to its use. For one thing, it tends to be expensive. It can also be time consuming to build with. It's also heavy and can be hard to maintain. An insulated aluminum patio cover can often be put up in one day and is designed to last. No additional painting or finishing is required.

Patio Cover Buying Tips

There are some things to look for when buying an insulated aluminum patio cover. For one thing, some styles have indentations where debris can accumulate. The foam core should be continuous between the aluminum layers. This makes the insulative quality greater so that you can add walls or screened sides at a later date if you so desire. Also look for a warranty of up to ten years.

Many manufacturers offer the option of a skylight in an insulated aluminum patio cover. Also available are fan beams and electrical chaseways. Patio covers can be installed in a variety of pitches, and can be free standing or attached to a house or other structure.

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