Irrigation System Repair

If you enjoy gardening and have your own gardens in your back yard or indeed in an area away from your home then you probably have an irrigation system in place. After all, an irrigation system is the only way to make sure that all of your flowers, vegetables, fruits and other plants get all the water and nutrients they need to be able to flourish and grow all year round.

If you do have a system in place and know how handy it is then you may not be aware of just how troublesome a leak can be. Not only could it ruin your plants but could also cause structural damage to your home.

Irrigation Leaks

If you have to undertake irrigation system repair then you may find it moderately challenging but repairing it yourself is much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. It has to be done as soon as possible to limit the damage caused by the leak itself and so relying on someone else could waste valuable time.

In that period, your home could experience structural problems or a section of your plants could become flooded and die. As such, you need to be on hand to undertake irrigation system repair as and when it happens. To do that, you need the instructions outlined below.

To do irrigation system repair, you need a range of materials to hand, including a shovel, replacement pipe, hose clamp, wrench, hacksaw, primer and cement, dresser coupling and a screwdriver.

Repair Steps

In order to do irrigation system repair, you will be following the basic steps:

1. Detect the leak first by exposing the irrigation pipe. Turn the water off first, make sure that the pipe is completely exposed and turn it back on before walking around the pipe to see where the leak is. If you have a sprinkler system instead of an underground hose system, you should cap all of the sprinkler heads and then wait for a puddle to form.

2. As soon as you have found the leak, you need to dig a hole big enough to work with, in order to perform irrigation system repair. You must then diagnose just how bad the leak is. If it is a minor leak then irrigation system repair may only take a few moments.

3. Turn off the water. If it is a minor leak then use a hacksaw to remove the faulty pipe area and couple the remaining pipe together. Dresser coupling can be used for this purpose. You should then turn the water back on to make sure that the leak has completely been removed before reburying the pipe.

4. If you have a major leak then it will be necessary to insert another length of piping in order to fulfil irrigation system repair. As such, you have to remove the length of pipe that is leaking first before cleaning it ready for primer and cement.

5. When you are ready to complete the irrigation system repair and the pipe has been cleaned, apply the cement and primer before applying the replacement piping. You should leave this to dry when it is in place for around 24 hours before testing the links to make sure that the leak has well and truly gone. If the leak is still there then reply the cement. If it is done then make sure that it is supported with soil when you rebury it.