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Cleaning the bathroom is never fun, but at least with a bathroom cleaning checklist you donèt have to think about it too much. Many people find that cleaning the toilet makes them squeamish and that scrubbing a tiled shower is a lot harder than it looks. While it may be tempting to hire a houseRead More

A drywall lift rental is an invaluable tool when you are hanging drywall in your home. While it normally takes two, or even three, people to install a piece of drywall, a drywall panel lifter allows one person to do the job. If you are an average homeowner who doesn’t spend 40 hours a weekRead More

Spa Gazebo Ideas

Lots of people have a gazebo in their garden, but how many of them think of also using it as a spa gazebo? As soon as the good weather comes around everyone wants to be out in their garden for as long as possible. Sometimes you want to be outside but it might actually be too hot or sunny to be un-shaded for too long, so having a gazebo to sit in allows you to remain outside, without being exposed to too much sun.

As mentioned above we’re all very conscious of not being out in strong sunlight too much or too frequently, so a gazebo is an ideal place to retreat to and sit in whilst enjoying the fresh air and views from your garden.

Do you know what to do if your sliding glass door quits sliding properly? Do you know what to do if it breaks or needs repair? Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know just what to do for your specific sliding glass door situation. We will reveal what to do in many different cases of damaged doors, glass, screens, tracks and more.

Doorbell Repair

Door BellDoorbells are a of type home signaling system located near external doors. Other types include door chimes, intercoms and buzzers. When a button on the outside is pushed, a doorbell on the house’s inside emits a ringing sound to signal to people inside the building there is a visitor. Sometimes there are problems, and it is time to do some doorbell repair.

How to Repair Carpet

Shag CarpetMinor repairs to a carpet can be done yourself, but for a valuable antique or a major repair, I would say leave it to an experienced pro. It is possible to extend the life of a damaged carpet by repositioning it so that the damaged area is away from foot traffic; if the carpet is too large to be moved, you can instead move furniture around so as to redirect traffic away from the part of the rug that needs repair.