Italian Granite Tile

When you are ready to renovate the interior of your home, or if you are building a new home from the ground up, then Italian granite tile should be on the list of options that you consider for the base of your homes décor. Varying colors with the natural variations found in split granite slabs guarantee that, whether you use the tile on a floor, a countertop, or even on a wall, your home will be unique. Unlike factory produced wallpaper or even laminated flooring products, no two pieces of Italian granite are the same.

Granite Benefits

There are several other benefits that the features of Italian granite tile offers. Aside from the guarantee that your project will be unique, this type of tile is extremely durable. When installed correctly over a properly prepared cement board surface, granite tile is virtually unbreakable. You will never need to worry about dropped dishes or sliding chairs damaging your flooring surface.

Another significant advantage that granite tile offers over other flooring surfaces like wood, is that it never gaps and separates. Whereas wood shrinks and expands on a seasonal basis, stone does not. Over time, your wooden floor will begin to separate, requiring costly refinishing and maintenance. Your granite floor will only need to be sealed occasionally. The sealing process is simple and inexpensive.


When using Italian granite tile, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of sanded grouts. There are many more color choices available to you now than there were even a few years ago. These color options allow you to further customize the appearance of your home.

You have the freedom to have your grout match the tile itself, thus rendering it basically invisible, or you can choose to use a contrasting color which will in turn, give the natural beauty of the tile the opportunity to visually pop right in front of your guests.

Keep in mind that Italian granite tile is made from real stone. Many folks are surprised to get the crates of tile home and see that it doesn’t all look alike. Of course, we know that no two slabs of rock on earth look exactly alike, but some people expect their tiles to match one another perfectly.

If you worry that you may not like the inconsistencies that exist in natural stone, then you may be better off using a factory produced tile product. Quality control in the manufacturing process dictates that these tiles will be a perfect match, and you can rest easy.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure that you at least look at Italian granite tile. You will be impressed by the variety, quality, and durability of the product that is available.

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