Jenn-Air Cooktop

There is no question about it; the Jenn-Air cooktop has been around for a while now and is one of the dominating giants in its field. In fact, Jenn-Air introduced of its first self-ventilated cooktop forty six years ago. They have since built a reputation as a technology leader and an industry leader. No surprise then that Jenn-Air has resolutely held the consumer Number One preferred cooking product rating from 1989 up to today.

Jenn-Air CooktopJenn-Air offers consumers over fifty different cooktops and a vast array of accessories, such as grill grates, grill covers, griddle accessories, and even a Rotiss-Kebab accessory for those evenings when you long for something a little exotic but just don’t feel like getting out of the house. Their cooktops can be found in both electric and gas models.

There is an added benefit to buying a product from such a well known and respected manufacturer. If you should ever have a problem with your cooktop, service will not be a problem. Additionally, if you are handy, repair parts will be extremely easy to come by. There is nothing fun about shelling out good money for something and then not being able to find parts.

Get the Fumes Out

Jenn-Air have incorporated grills into some of their cooktops to allow you to grill your favorite barbeque fare even on days when the weather is too bad for the backyard grill or for apartment dwellers with no access to an outdoor grill.

To get rid of those fumes, Jenn-Air uses an innovative downdraft exhaust which eliminates the need for an overhead exhaust. This is a major benefit when the owner or builder would prefer to use the space in the overhead cabinetry for real storage rather than duct work.

The duct work is still required of course but it is just below rather than above. It ends up being vented to the exterior of the house in the same way that a clothes dryer does.

Installation of a Cooktop

Installation of a Jenn-Air cooktop is not an overcomplicated project. Some care must be taken when cutting the opening in the countertop in order to prevent chipping the laminate. This can be minimized by chamfering (or cutting a groove in) the laminate prior to cutting the hole. Chamfering can be done with a router.

The hole in the countertop should also have rounded rather than square corners to distribute the weight properly and minimize cracking the laminate. Also, the countertop should be supported within three inches of the hole.

The cooktop simply sits in the hole and employs a tie down at either end. For electric models, the supply should be 110/120 V, 15 Amp, 60 Hz, using a grounded power cord and a grounded outlet.

Gas models come from the factory ready to burn natural gas but may be converted to LP, if that is what you have available. The actual gas hook up and leak testing should be done by a trained serviceman for safety reasons. He can also adjust the air dampers to maintain a proper flame.


It makes good sense to buy a high quality cooktop and you could hardly do better than one of these models. As much time as we spend cooking and eating there is no sense in skimping on kitchen equipment. The value of your home will also be enhanced. Bon Appetit!