Kid Bedding

Kid Bedding needs to be functional, fun and changeable. Choosing your child's bedding shouldn't be difficult, but there are several things to consider when doing so, including quality, your child's fickle tendency and practical style.

Children are fickle, so when it comes to purchasing new kid bedding, it's important to remember it might not be around a long time. If your son just MUST have Batman bedding, remember than in a year's time Batman might be passe and you'll be on the hunt for kid bedding yet again.


Although your new kid bedding might be changed sooner than you expect, quality should still be a purchasing consideration. Kids can be hard on everything and bedding is no exception. Even the best quality bedding might weaken under the strain of constant jumping, eating and general carousing.

Good quality kid bedding can be found from a variety of manufacturers. One of the most popular is Pottery Barn Kids. While it's not cheap (a twin size quilt can be as much as $170), and it doesn't feature "trendy" themes like Batman or Spongebob, its relevance in the kid bedding market can't be underrated. With this innovative line, a kid bedding theme can be taken to new heights, with coordinating drawer pulls, wall art and even toys that match the theme.


For the same idea but lesser price, Target has created a line of kid bedding that's done very well for the mass merchandiser. The most popular lines of kid bedding, called Restore & Restyle, replicate the look of the Pottery Barn Kids lines, with coordinating quilts, sheets, and accessories like lamps, light switch covers and wall art. A quilt with matching sham might set you back $60 or less.

Although it's fun to purchase the quilt with all its coordinates, many parents opt to purchase the kid bedding in pieces, so while the quilt might have butterflies or fire trucks, the sheets are a solid color that will outlast the outer bedding.

If your child changes his or her mind, at least the dust ruffle, sheets and pillowcases can remain the same. A popular company that sells basics in a wide variety of colors is The Company Store. This company's kid bedding line also includes themes similar to Pottery Barn.