DIY Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Time to update your kitchen but your budget is a little on the down side? Bypassing expensive labor costs and doing it yourself can keep spending to a minimum and the best way to make over this part of the house is by replacing the kitchen cabinet doors.

You can be creative or you can stick with standard fare that is available in ready-made lines, but essentially, it is not a difficult job to do. In fact, armed with a screwdriver or a paintbrush, you can probably turn your old kitchen cabinet doors into has-beens in a single day.

Cabinet Doors

Second to countertops, the door faces make the greatest visual impact. Old, worn, saggy ones bring the kitchen down and are less than inspiring for staying in and cooking at home.

Depending on the kind installed at your house, you may want to replace your kitchen cabinet doors altogether or the job may simply call for a transformation.

Wood Doors

In a wood kitchen, the surfaces will often fall victim to scratches, moisture retention, mildew or general fading or scuffing of the finishes. If you plan to refinish wood kitchen cabinet doors, you'll need to remove each one; do not try to repaint them while fitted. Usually the hinges will need to be repaired, but even if they are in good condition, it is best to avoid getting paint on them as this will cause them to cease up or become rusty.

Transfer all the removed doors to an open space such as the garage, set them all out and sand back and paint or stain each one in turn. This is much easier and will result in greater consistency of the finishes. If new knobs or handles are required, you will have to putty the holes left by the old ones before fitting the new ones. When they are all done, simply re-fit them to their adjusted hinges.

Laminate Doors

Laminated kitchen cabinet doors can swell if they are located near damp areas and replacement of the laminate is not the solution. Swollen, moisture-affected MDF cannot be repaired so these doors will have to be exchanged for new ones. Unfortunately, it is not often possible to purchase identical matches to old laminate so it is likely that the doors will need to be changed anyway. Now is the time to brighten up the kitchen and go for a more updated style.

Replace with MDF

Arguably the best do-it-yourself kitchen cabinet doors are those you can make out of MDF. Since MDF is uniform, dense and devoid of knots and woodgrain patterns, it can be substituted very effectively for real wood. Its smooth texture makes it an excellent base for paint and you can also affix veneers and laminates to it. MDF kitchen cabinet doors will not crack following painting so they are the ideal solution.

Screwing on new handles is just as easy as if the doors were made of wood. MDF doors are available cut to your size requirements or you can buy sheets that you can cut yourself, providing you have the right tools for the job. Take along a comprehensive list of the measurements you require if going for the ready-cut option.

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