Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Kitchen Cabinetry DetailIf you are in the process of or thinking about renovating your home then one of the rooms you are most likely to deem in need of an overhaul is the kitchen. Choosing a brand new kitchen is no mean feat because you have to start from scratch, and there are so many new kitchen fashions that it is hard to keep up, let alone actually choose the one that would best suit your home. However, it is often folly to try and keep to the fashions purely because they are in fashion because within a season there will be another fashion ready to replace it. The trick is to choose what suits you and your home regardless of fashion.

What Is Your Kitchen Cabinetry Worth?

The truth is that, regardless of what you pay for the kitchen cabinetry that you choose, it is actually priceless. A well laid out and appealing kitchen can actually add up to 10% on the total price of your home if you were to decide to sell it further down the line. This is why you are best to opt for designed kitchen cabinetry from a store rather than attempt to build it yourself from scratch.

When designing your kitchen, there are too many pitfalls involved in your building your own kitchen, including structural safety and wear and tear risks, so you are best to purchase your kitchen cabinetry in advance and then fit them yourself if you do enjoy DIY.

Your Kitchen Cabinetry Choices

Kitchen cabinetry in any good kitchen showroom will simply blow you away in terms of choice. Although the majority of kitchen cabinets are not made of hardwoods because they are too weighty for the walls to support them, they can actually be finished to resemble rich, strong hardwoods that add a prestigious air to your kitchen. In fact, maple finishes and cherry finishes are amongst the most popular because they have a rich and gorgeous tone that compliments any colour scheme.

The beauty of hardwood finishes is a classic effect that many individuals opt for over some of the newer trends because they never go out of fashion. They also tend to be extremely hard wearing. Therefore, any future redecorating can be completed without any maintenance being required on the cabinets.

In terms of style, you have a whole range of styles to choose from. You can have the highly ornate ones featuring scrolls, inlays, beading, mullion doors and a variety of others, or opt for the plainer styles that enhance detailed wallpaper or painted features on the walls.

It really all depends on what you have chosen for the overall design of your kitchen because too ornate will crowd an intricately decorated room, but a plain kitchen cabinetry design will not. Think about the overall design in depth before you choose your cabinetry.

There are also many different colours available but colours that move away from classic wooden finishes do seem to date easily. Think of the 1970s décor when considering this point. Kitchen cabinetry from that era often came in yellow, green and orange, amongst other colours of course, but this was indicative of that era and many homeowners could not wait to get rid of it in the 1980s.

The moral of the story is always think ahead when designing your kitchen and choosing kitchen cabinetry because a mistake could be extremely costly a few years down the line. Do not follow fashion and stick with the classic whenever possible.

photo by bubblesandbugs / CreativeCommons