Kitchen Design Software Programs

Kitchen design software programs are not exactly a new idea. They are, however, becoming common enough to be in the financial reach of the average person, not just professional architects. When might you want to use this design software?

If you are brain storming conception ideas for a new home you are planning to build, this is a great way to work with your architectural firm to demonstrate your wants and needs. In fact, this idea lends itself to remodel projects as well.

The problems with trying to convey your ideas verbally, or with rough, hand drawn sketches, is that these methods are very ambiguous and subject to interpretation. Kitchen design software takes the guesswork out and streamlines the process!

Marketers Have Caught On to the Trend

For quite some time now, home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's have been using software programs to show homeowners “what if” scenarios using kitchen appliances, cabinets, and decorations that they sell.

Now, retailers such as IKEA are providing free downloadable software programs so that the homeowner can design their new kitchen look in the comfort of their own home. Then all they have to do is take the resulting file to the store. This is marketing psychology at its finest.

Kitchen Design Software Features

Most kitchen design software center their logic around modules and layouts. The planner can choose to begin with a particular theme in many cases such as modern, vintage, or country. Some software programs allow the user to enter the dimensions of the kitchen as a starting point.

The software takes these dimensions and creates a three dimensional model. Now the user can try out different ideas – moving cabinets around, positioning appliances, and even locating lighting fixtures. Different color schemes can be tried out on the fly. Does one particular thing work with another? No more trying to imagine it mentally. That approach was always a compromise anyway.

The better third party software will allow you to conceptualize using the inventory of different manufacturers. Some will also keep you with in budget; or at least it will keep you in the ballpark. It does this by keeping a running total on all the products that you have “placed” in your virtual kitchen space.

The Cost and Benefits of Using Kitchen Design Software

Many software applications are free, as mentioned above. These are designed to steer consumers to a particular store or brand name. But independent software programs can be had for less than one hundred dollars up to many hundreds of dollars. Usually the price hinges on the application's level of sophistication.

Do you want photo quality images? Do you want three dimensional graphics rendering? Do you want the budget tracking feature? These and many other questions will guide your decision on which software program you choose.
One of the best benefits is intangible.

Imagine having the luxury of trying out different scenarios in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure without the distraction of a salesman or an “expert”. While it is true that an architect will have your interests in mind, he also comes with the baggage of preconceived ideas of what works and what doesn't. Now you can take charge of your design.