Kitchen Furniture Ideas

cool kitchen furniture idea for a small kitchenIt may seem a little odd to think of the items (other than tables and chairs) in the room where we gather to visit, cook, and do our eating together as furniture, but that's what it is. The word, furniture is defined as furnishings you can move that provide support to people's bodies, is used to store things, and is utilized also to hold items up off the floor. With that said, it easier to envision kitchen islands, baker's racks, and microwave carts as ovens. Some will go a step further and maintain kitchen cabinets, whether wheeled or permanently installed, fit the definition of kitchen furniture as well.

However you deem what qualifies as kitchen furniture (some of us employ orange crates as shelving units, after all!), you no doubt can appreciate quality when you see it and enjoy uniqueness just as well. Here are a couple of places you just might find some rather different types of kitchen furniture you may or may not have considered for your home.

Fabulous Fifties Furniture

Now you can have for your own the kitchen you visited at your grandmother's house or the malt shop she told you about visiting when she was a teen. The folks at Artista Gallery Inc offer hip 50's-style furniture for both residential and commercial kitchen and dining areas all made in the USA. Three-inch aluminum edgings and a selection of hard laminate tops set off their dining tables with that inimitable 50's elan, while booth benches, stools, and chairs come in a big choice of residential- and commercial-grade vinyl.

Dinette set chairs, retro bar furniture, and swivel bar stools made for kitchen counters feature thick foam for the padding and durable naugahyde or vinyl upholstery. In addition to this blast-from-past furniture, you can also purchase lazy susans and wall clocks that accommodate the look perfectly. Interior design services from this Web dealer are offered absolutely free of charge.

Furniture Made by Hand

And by this, we really mean one guy who makes all the furniture he sells himself or using only one other craftsman who, he promises, is as an experienced woodcrafter as he. You can get Shaker, Mission, and customer style kitchen furniture (as well as many other furniture pieces for other areas of the home) made from this man, Richard Bissell, who has run his shop since 1982 in Vermont.

China hutches, cabinets, tables, and chairs are offered for the kitchen/dining area created from solid wood and feature tried-and-true furniture-building methods like mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery techniques rarely (if ever) found in today's mass-produced furniture.

Mr. Bissell promises your furniture to last as long as you do (without undue neglect or abuse, of course, or acts of God like fire, etc.) and if you want to come by or need to talk to him directly, he offers his availability (try that at Crate & Barrel!). Find out more about this dedicated craftsman at

There are tons of Web sites where you can buy good, not-so-good, and downright shoddy kitchen furniture, so thoroughly check out the products each company offers. Make sure they are a member of their local Better Business Bureau or have some other type of affiliation with a reputable source who can vouch for their wares (testimonials are good, but much better if you can contact the testifiers yourself to confirm validations of a company's products). So although you may find a seemingly great, unusual piece of kitchen furniture, make sure it's a quality piece from a trusted furniture supplier BEFORE you click Buy Now.