Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchen Island IdeaIf you are a serious cook or your family and friends always seem to congregate in the kitchen whenever they are visiting, then you probably are frustrated by your limited counter, storage, and seating space. While you may not be able to fit a kitchen expansion into your budget, you can still solve your space problem with one of the many kitchen island designs that are so popular today. Since there are kitchen island designs for every decorating style, from country to modern, you can easily find the perfect island for your kitchen.

As you are looking at kitchen island designs, the first thing you should consider is what type of kitchen you have. If you have a very formal, streamlined kitchen, you may want to look at iron or stainless steel islands with simple lines. If your kitchen has a cozy farmhouse feel, take a look at butcher block islands with beveled wood edges or pine islands with granite tile tops.

Once you have decided on which materials you like, you will need to look at the kitchen island designs that are made with these materials to decide which elements you would like to have in your island. Some islands are little more than countertops with a few shelves underneath. If you just want to occasionally mix up some cookies or you want to have enough room to spread out when you are cooking for the holidays, one of these simple islands may be all you need to make your kitchen functional.

A slightly more deluxe version of a basic island has a storage drawer that is ideal for measuring cups and other small baking items and may also have a collapsible bar area so family members can draw up a stool and chat.

Finally, if you want a more elaborate island, you may want to take a look at kitchen island designs that have cupboard doors, pull out chopping blocks, and towel holders. For an island that is really functional, you can look for models with built in appliances. An island with a built in sink can double as a wet bar when you are entertaining and is a great addition to any kitchen with two cooks.