Kitchen Layout Plans

kitchen layout plans sampleKitchens are one room that gets a great deal of everyday traffic, and the layout should be specific to the homeowner's needs. There are several different types of kitchen layout plans, and the one you choose when doing kitchen renovation or design should be one that takes into account your cooking style and the number of people you expect to be in the kitchen regularly, among other consideration. Some people prefer to choose kitchen layout plans that are private and away from the rest of the house, and some prefer a more open kitchen that is easily accessible.

Kitchen Shapes

There are several different shape styles of kitchen layout plans, utilizing different shapes that will meet the various and individual needs of the homeowner.

The U-shape kitchen requires three full walls of the room. This layout is perfect for kitchen that will get a lot of use and need a great deal of space. With this shape, appliances and counter spaces can be spaced out to allow different areas for different types of kitchen work. This shape is ideal for a large family or for people who take their food preparation very seriously.

L-shaped kitchen layout plans are nice for a kitchen where a lot of entertaining might be done. This shape allows room for tables and chairs at one end, and eliminates through traffic. This shape is also nice if you do not have a separate dining room and ant an eat-in kitchen.

Small Kitchen Spaces

For small kitchens, the best use of the available space is often the issue. There are a few kitchen layout plans for small rooms that can help you to maximize the space that you have.

The single-line kitchen is a good solution for narrow kitchens. One wall would need to be at least three yards long of uninterrupted space to make this shape contain everything needed. This is not the most efficient, however, as the user must walk from one end to the other many times in order to prepare a meal, but it does contain everything needed in a small and narrow space. If the sink is in the center of the longest wall, it can eliminate some of the inefficiency.

The galley kitchen is a good efficient use of space, and is one that many professional chefs tend to prefer. Though the space is small, the appliances and preparation areas are close together, which can decrease food preparation time. A galley kitchen has two rows, but is usually not open at both ends.

If you choose galley kitchen layout plans, it is important to make sure there is enough space to open appliances and drawers, and to remember that the drawers on the opposite site may need to be opened at the same time. This will usually mean having at least 1.3 yards in between the rows.

Island Kitchens

The best of both worlds, to have a kitchen fit for entertaining, as well as an efficient use of the workspace, the island kitchen is a popular choice. Island kitchen layout plans will feature an independent island that can face the living room or dining area, allowing socialization between the rooms. Some homeowners will put the cooktop in the island, with a canopy over it, which then serves as a focal point to the room.

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