Kitchen Storage Containers

Kitchen Storage ContainersKitchen storage containers have come a long way since Tupperware, although those vacuum top plastic kitchen storage containers, which come in every imaginable shape, size and color and which come in sets of up to a hundred, are still America's favorite.

Many kitchens today incorporate style and storage, and kitchen storage containers are used to display as well as hold items. Spaghetti can be placed in long, glass cannisters with stainless steel tops, and sugar, salt and flour can be stored the same way. Lentils and other legumes can create a beautiful design in elegant glass kitchen storage containers that show the beauty and color of food.

Spice racks can be the traditional wooden variety, or can display spices in gass bottles on a revolving, stainless steel base. Spice racks can also be built directly into your wall, and the containers for the spices should be of the same variety so they can fit well onto the small shelves and create a balanced, consistent look.


Classic kitchen storage containers are made of ceramic and have blue painted designs. These are labelled with what is contained in them, and you can purchase these classic kitchen storage containers anywhere. You can make these ceramic containers fit in with the decor of your kitchen by finding ceramic that picks up the color of your tile.

Tired of stale bread or slices cold from the refrigerator? Kitchen storage containers for bread keep mold away and resist spoilage while enhancing your kitchen decor. Bread bins are available in wood, plastic or steel, and are available wherever kitchen storage containers are sold. The most elegant type of ceramic kitchen storage containers are Dutch tile, and finding these classic items provide one with an excellent excuse to make a trip to Holland.

There is nothing that adds more flair to a table than items that serve as kitchen storage containers while at the same time, are decorative and elegant. Try oil and vinegar flasks with curved glass bottoms. They are usually available in pairs and in a stainless steel carrier.

Salt and pepper shakers are the quintessential kitchen storage containers that have the greatest variety of design. Experiment with the best kitchen storage containers for your home, and combine practicality with elegance.

Photo by John Martinez Pavliga, Creative Commons Attribution License