Kitchen Wallpaper With Pizzazz

Selecting and purchasing wallpaper for the kitchen takes some extra consideration. You want to keep in mind that anything in a kitchen runs the risk of having drinks or foodstuffs splashed on it, so whatever the design you choose, the wallpaper you install should ideally be washable. Other things to consider are colors.

As in any other room, you want to keep colors complementary. Your cabinets, countertops, floors, and even your appliances need to be kept at the forefront of your mind as you select among the mind-boggling array of patterns, styles, and designs available on the marketplace.

Here are some collections we have found that offer more-than-ordinary styling in wallpapers that would do any kitchen proud. Take a look and see if you find one that prompts you to say, Yes! Thats the one!

The Donna Dewberry Collection

A number of online Web site feature the Donna Dewberry Collection of wallpapers and justly so. This supplier offers a wide variety of kitchen wallpaper that not only features extraordinarily well-thought-out and pretty designs, but also comes washable and easy to install.

Donna Dewberry wallpaper products can be found at,, and, just to name a few of the online retailers that carry this quality product. Designs that include leaf clusters, ladybugs, leaves and vines, classic stripes, the sponged look, and more are just a few of this collections patterns that would look great with most colors found in the kitchens of todays homes.

Hamilton Park

If you are in the market for a touch of whimsy added to traditional styling, you will want to checkout the wallpaper offerings from Hamilton Park. Hamilton Park wall coverings can be found online at and at Creative Wall Covering. Tiny monkeys peering innocently out from under umbrellas amid a forest of berries and foliage make quite an interesting, yet totally tasteful, statement for kitchens in which the owner yearns for a bit of magical zing.

This, among many, is just one example of the out-of-the-ordinary wallpapers Hamilton Park offers to those yearning for the unusual but still well done. Although the pattern mentioned is fabric, the design is special enough to warrant extra consideration.

Europa by Three Sisters

For those into French cooking or who are merely inspired by the beauty of French design, a look at the kitchen wallpaper products by Europa are a must-see. You wont find any cheesy reproductions of the Eiffel tower here; instead, crackled shelf flowers, urns, and fruit bowls; fancy scripted lettering of Bon Apetit, and harlequin-like diamonds encompassing passionately shaded fruits grace the surfaces of this top-of-the-line wallpaper manufacturer. At this writing, an online search finds that Europa wallcoverings can only be found through the Web site of

These collections all exemplify that kitchen wallpaper need not be boring and nondescript or outlandishly out there. So forget about the roosters as well as the gingham and lace. Turn your kitchen into the room you know it can be with wallpaper you will love for years to come.

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