Kitchen Counter Tops

The selection available today in kitchen counter tops doesn't have to boggle the mind! Although all of them boast appealing features, if the homeowner researches them thoroughly, it's not that hard to narrow down the choices to the one or two that suits your needs completely. And at that point, the decision suddenly becomes much more manageable. Here's a look at different kitchen counter tops to give you a leg up on the decision-making process.

Kitchen counter tops made of granite look great. They come in beautifully classic colors and give a feel of solid substantiality to your home. The downside? Unless you use tiles, granite can cost more than most people are willing to pay. Granite also carries with it a propensity to stain, and it can also crack. And although the colors granite kitchen counter tops come in are elegant, they are limited.

Ceramic tile kitchen counter tops pose another option for homeowners. This old favorite features many pluses, including low cost (unless tile is imported), imperviousness to heat, and ease of installation. The negative side to ceramic tile kitchen counter tops includes its inclination to crack, staining of the grout lines, and an uneven surface.

Laminates rank high on the list of kitchen counter tops for many people. You can purchase laminates in a huge spectrum of various colors, designs, and textures. They're easy to keep clean, tough, and less expensive that many other choices in kitchen counter tops. But laminates, when scratched or chipped, must be re-done completely - you can't repair one spot without replacing an entire section.

These comprise only three of the wide array of kitchen counter tops on the market today. Some others include:

  • real and cultured marble
  • wood butcher block styles
  • soapstone
  • stainless steel
  • solid surface (such as Corian, Avonite, and other name brands)
  • engineered stone
  • glass
  • concrete

So take a look around. The selection in kitchen counter tops is enormous. But from all these choices, there are sure to be one or two that say, pick me, pick me! as soon as you see them. And these, you'll realize, are the kitchen counter tops that deserve your now-knowledgeable and fine-tuned attention.

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