Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

kitchen cabinet refinishing projectDepending on if you're needing to work on one or two cabinets only or the entire bank of cabinets, kitchen cabinet refinishing can be either a one or two-day job, or it can turn into a several-week project. And if you're like most folks, letting go of around $100 per linear foot to have them replaced with a new set can put a serious ding in the pocketbook or, in many cases, just isn't an option. So hopefully, these suggestions can help you not only do the job better and easier, but save you some cash, as well.

Strip Em Down

All kitchen cabinets refinishing tips should start with taking everything possible off and down. This translates into unscrewing and removing hinges, knobs, pulls, and then, the entire cabinet door. Some drawers have faces that are removable when you take off the knobs.

Tuscany Kitchen Design

Tuscan decor is rich, warm and colorful. It is no wonder that Tuscany kitchen design is one of the hottest looks for kitchens. The use of color and texture is at the core of decorating in the Tuscan style.

Choosing Tuscan Colors

The beautiful, warm color palette for Tuscany kitchen design is found naturally in the Italian landscape, making your decor blend with nature. Any color found in nature can be part of your Tuscany kitchen design; earthy browns, warm yellows, rich golds, smoky greens, deep blues, luxurious reds and burnt oranges.

Measuring a Sink to Fit

In any household, the sinks are some of the central fixtures in the home. Whether it is a bathroom sink, or a kitchen sink, your sink will always see a lot of action. Replacing the sink is a do it yourself project that will let you update central fixtures in your home.

Steps to Renovate your Kitchen

You may have looked around your kitchen lately and realized that the time to renovate your kitchen is well overdue. Regardless as to how beautifully your kitchen is designed and laid out, the passage of time will inevitably begin to make it seem boring and stale. Whether you decide to do renovations yourself or hire a contractor to do it, the more planning and preparation that you do the better.

First things First

Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is often the busiest room in a house. As such, it should be an important consideration in terms of both decor and functionality, and it is advisable to find a blend of both in your kitchen. Additionally, the kitchen as an entity adds more value to a house than any other room, so it is important to get it right. In this article, we will look at mahogany kitchen cabinets, and why they are an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Why Mahogany