Restaining Wood Cabinets

If you are considering updating the current look of your kitchen, an easy and interesting way to change the style is by restaining wood cabinets. Restaining wood cabinets does not cost a great deal of money and does not take a great deal of time to complete if the homeowner follows some simple tips and tricks for restaining cabinets. The result will be cabinets with a completely new look that can completely change the decor of your kitchen.

Wooden Backsplash

Regardless of the material your countertops are made of a wooden backsplash will create a real homely feel to your kitchen. If you’ve got solid wood countertops having matching wood backsplashes will really make the kitchen look complete, compared to having tiles abruptly appearing on top of the countertop.

Woods Used as Wooden Backsplash

Stenciled Kitchen Cabinets

StencilingIf you’ve recently fitted a new kitchen and have decided its looking rather uninspired, or if you just want to give an existing kitchen a make-over, then having stenciled kitchen cabinets could be the answer. In deciding to apply stenciled pictures to your cabinets you’ll also probably be committing to re-painting them, so that you’ve got a nice clean surface to work on, which will also help to brighten up the kitchen.

Preparing Cabinets for Stenciling

Used Kitchen Cabinetry

Prepping a Kitchen for Used CabinetsRemodeling your home can be pretty expensive but no owner wants to cut corners during renovations; this could ultimately result in your home becoming unsafe and thus lose value as well. As such, if you do want to save money during the remodeling process or just want to give your kitchen a face lift then used kitchen cabinetry may well be one of your best options.

Your Used Cabinetry Options

The Final Cost of Cabinet Refacing

You just bought your first home and the final cost of cabinet re-facing may be getting to you. Already your mind is swarming with ideas to improve the appearance of your home as well as increasing the value. You’ve looked at the windows, checked on prices for siding, quoted a few carpet replacements, and suddenly, you realize you need to completely revamp your old outdated kitchen cabinets. What is the cost of cabinet re-facing? How much do you really need to spend on those cabinets to improve your home’s resale value? Should you hire a professional or could you create the kitchen of your dreams on your own?

About Cabinet Refacing