Kitchen Cabinetry Options

Kitchen Cabinetry DetailIf you are in the process of or thinking about renovating your home then one of the rooms you are most likely to deem in need of an overhaul is the kitchen. Choosing a brand new kitchen is no mean feat because you have to start from scratch, and there are so many new kitchen fashions that it is hard to keep up, let alone actually choose the one that would best suit your home.

Tuscany Inspired Backsplashes

The Tuscan kitchen is a warm, inviting and rustic place where people love to gather. The color scheme is a richly sunny palate of marigolds, terra cotta, and ecru, accented with playful reds and greens. Heavy pottery populates the shelves and the minimal window treatments add to the openness of the most favored room in the house.

Perfect Accent for a Mediterranean Kitchen

Vintage Kitchen Tips

A vintage kitchen is extremely nostalgic and can transport the homeowner back in time. Fortunately, creating that feel has never been easier than it is today. You can move into a vintage home but that is not always a viable option.

Vintage is considered the time period spanning the 1920's to the 1950's. So, as you can see, if you are after that vintage kitchen look, you've got a lot to choose from!

Many antique shops specialize in these kinds of goods. Things such as vintage sinks can be re-glazed and you can easily retrofit the plumbing.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Design Software Programs

Kitchen design software programs are not exactly a new idea. They are, however, becoming common enough to be in the financial reach of the average person, not just professional architects. When might you want to use this design software?

If you are brain storming conception ideas for a new home you are planning to build, this is a great way to work with your architectural firm to demonstrate your wants and needs. In fact, this idea lends itself to remodel projects as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Kitchen Cabinet MaterialsKitchen cabinet materials can be broken down into three basic types of components: the actual cabinet material, the hardware, and the countertop. How these three elements are combined, along with the cabinet size and linear footage, establish how much a homeowner will pay for his or her cabinets.

Cabinet Material