Building Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors get a lot of use yet get very little recognition or respect. Indeed, the only time they get any notice is when they fail to operate properly.

You might have a need to be building kitchen cabinet doors because the old ones have run their course and are ready to retire or perhaps you are installing brand new cabinets and just need to put the finishing touches on them.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

The first thing to consider if you are going for a natural (varnish, polyurethane, or tung oil) finish is that the cabinet doors have to match the cabinets themselves. Well, ok, you might want them to be different, but if so, they need to be consistently different and portray a common theme.

Do-It-Yourself Backsplash Options

While some people will settle for painting or wallpapering their backsplash, this simple and very low cost method is generally not recommended for kitchen renovations – wallpaper will stain easily and wear down over time, and even just leaving paint as a backsplash will sooner or later start looking like an aged cutting board, only with more water spots, darker stains, and less kitsch value. Instead, why not choose one of these easy, do-it-yourself backsplash options?

Tile Backsplash

Installing Cabinets

 installing kitchen cabinetsWhile planning for a complete remodeling of a room or even trying to use an empty wall in a more productive way, one step one often comes across is installing cabinets.

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Tips

If you’re considering decorating your kitchen in the warm and welcoming Tuscan style, here are some fantastic Tuscan kitchen decorating tips to consider while planning out your new Tuscan design:

Tuscan Kitchen Walls

    - Color: when choosing the wall colors for your Tuscan kitchen, remember that the Tuscan style is supposed to evoke a sense of warmth and create a casual atmosphere. Using whites, grays, or even a light yellow will help your walls to glow, and will accentuate some of the darker pieces typically found in a Tuscan kitchen design.

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Tile Kitchen BacksplashOne of the most visible but often ignored areas in your home is the backsplash of your kitchen sink. In order to make this area a little more interesting – and keep it easy to clean, here are 2 unique kitchen backsplash design ideas worth trying out.