What is a Knockdown Ceiling

It sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Just what is a knockdown ceiling anyway? Is it a ceiling you put up loosely so that you can knock it down easily when the time comes to replace it? Is it a ceiling that is already falling down? No, the term "knockdown ceiling" refers to a type of painting and mudding that gives a ceiling a special texture. Keep reading for answers to the question, "What is a knockdown ceiling?"

One of the advantages to finding out what is a knockdown ceiling is that it gives you a chance to hide any imperfections in your drywall skills. If you've not yet perfected the craft of drywall taping and mudding, and if you occasionally leave a screw head visible, using a knockdown texture will disguise these flaws. It also offers an interesting final texture similar to stucco.

Knockdown Spraying

First, you will generally have to get your hands on an acoustical sprayer, either through buying, borrowing, or renting one. Even with the rental cost of the sprayer, a knockdown ceiling can usually be created for less than a hundred dollars, and should take you no more than a day to accomplish.

When putting a knockdown ceiling texture in an area where you already have a texture, such as acoustical or popcorn type textures, you will have to wet down and scrape off the existing texture. Then you will need to buy some premixed joint compound, or mud.

The type to use for what is a knockdown ceiling is the all-purpose type. It will probably take a couple of 60 pound buckets to get enough mud to do an average room ceiling. You will also need a flexible plastic knockdown knife.

Other Knockdown Tools

Along with the sprayer, you will need a hopper and a compressor. Make sure it works, and that it is clean when you rent it. The hopper should be attached to a gun, which should also be clean. It has a trigger that allows you to adjust how much fluid flows through. In the case of what is a knockdown ceiling, the fluid going through the gun will be drywall mud.

To begin on what is a knockdown ceiling, the mud has to be diluted somewhat before being sprayed on the ceiling. The recipe for the first orange peel textured coat is to combine half the 60 pound bucket of mud with five pints of water for a thin pancake batter consistency.

The trigger will need to be half open. To spray the texture on the ceiling, wear goggles and a mask for safety. Do the ceiling in sections of about three by four feet, spraying up and down in an S-shaped pattern.

Drying Out

The ceiling will be very wet and will take a while to dry between coats. Fans help dry what is a knockdown ceiling and so do open windows. The second coat uses slightly less diluted mud. The term knockdown refers to the technique that is used next. When the second, or topping coat, has dried for about 15 minutes, scrape the knife across the mud until it gives you the texture you want.

When it too is dry, the ceiling is painted with a roller that has a 3/8 inch nap. Some painters feel that an eggshell finish paint offers the nicest final coat because it brings out the textured look. In a nutshell, if you've been wondering, what is a knockdown ceiling, this is the answer.

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