Koi Pond Kits

Everyone loves the striking beauty of Japanese koi fish (carp). It is not difficult to bring koi fish into your Japanese garden if you purchase koi pond kits, which can be found in most landscaping stores. Koi pond kits can be simple or elaborate, but it is important to keep in mind that you should have the basic things that will keep your koi healthy, like filters and water testing kits. It is important to find koi pond kits that have all of the essential components, and if for some reason, you koi pond kit is lacking an item, you can purchase it individually.

The most basic koi pond kits contain a liner, a pond filter, a pond pump, a skimmer, acquatic plants, fish food and other supplies. More expensive koi pond kits include an installation video, a guide to regulating your water, a liner, a submersible pump, a waterfall stone, and upflow filter and a check valve. Most koi pond kits will also include foam seal, plants, plant food, dechlorinator, a water test kit, a thermometer and a flexible pipe.

Pond Kits

Koi pond kits come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your special needs. It is important to install your koi pon at least 6 feet away from the foundation of your home. Your plants will need sunlight, but if you get a lot of direct sun, you will also need something to control the algae.

Your koi pond kits should instruct you on how to keep your koi healthy and happy. It is imporant to filter your water, or else the fish wastes will collect and give your koi amonia poisoning. Your water's surface should be skimmed once a week to remove debris. Koi pond kits should also have the right food for koi and feeding instructions. Koi are very hardy fish, but they require constant care to remain healthy.

Koi pond kits should contain clear installation instructions, and it is best to have someone help you install your koi pond. For larger koi ponds, laying the liner is at least a two-person job, and a partner can read the instructions while you do the installation. After you have followed the directions on your koi pond kit and have created a wonderful environmentfor your koi, you can sit in your Japanese garden and enjoy watching your koi fish swim.