Koi Pond Pump

You probably invested much time and effort to install your koi pond and to select the best fish. The best way to preserve your fish and your pond is with a good quality koi pond pump. You can find a koi pond pump in the size you need, depending on the amount of water your pond holds.

Koi pond pumps are electrical with a waterproof cord that can be concealed to preserve the aesthetics of your pond. The are usually submersible and do not make a lot of noise. Ponds with fountains require a larger koi pond pump, or it is perhaps a good idea to invest in another koi pond pump just in case one fails. The reason for this is that there is more pressure required to lift water in a water fountain, and this inevitably creates more work for your koi pond pump.

Magnetic Pumps

The best kind of koi pond pump is magnetic. The magnetic pump does not contain oil that can poison the fish and the plants if it leaks. The seals are usually tighter to prevent leakage in the first place. Another advantage of purchasing a magnetic koi pond pump is that it uses less electricity and saves energy. They are also less noisy than most other kinds of pumps.

A good koi pond pump should circulate all of the water in the pond every hour. There are pumps that contain biological features which transform toxins from fish waste into nitrates. It is important to have your koi pond pump serviced on a regular basis, because once you start to have problems with your pump, your fish and your plants will start to suffer.

Your koi pond pump should be inspected regularly for leaks and to see that it is pumping water properly. A good way to know that your koi pond pump is having problems is by looking at the fish and the water; if the fish seem listless and the water is murky, you should have your koi pond pump serviced right away.

Your koi pond pump should come with a warrantee, so make sure you keep it in a safe place in case anything goes wrong. The secret to a beautiful pond and healthy fish a good aquatic environment, so it is wise to invest in the best koi pond pump you can afford.