Koi Pond For Koi

If you want to build a koi pond, you have to be prepared to do some homework first. Koi are a specialty fish, very unlike the generic kind of goldfish you may have had as a child. They require a certain amount of pampering and thrive in an environment that is custom built for their species. Do not even begin to build a koi pond until first considering the fish themselves.

Size does matter

Koi grow rapidly and even though you bought five-inch fish, they will soon outgrow your expectations and before long, the unsuitably small pond you may have prepared for them. Anticipate this before time and ensure that you are aware of the adequate sizing required when you build a koi pond. If you are a real koi enthusiast, you will know deep down (in your heart, not the pond), that you will soon be wanting to add more to the fold. Such is the romantic appreciation of these exotic fish.

Prevent pollution

Unlike a goldfish pond, a koi pond needs to have a filtration system and an oxygen source. There is a plethora of information on the Internet about filters appropriate for koi and the most commonly recommended is the biological kind that permits the retention of highly nutritive algae but removes toxins from the water, all without chemicals of any kind.

The best kind of oxygen source is a pond waterfall. Koi love to hide beneath them, but more importantly, the movement of the water encourages injection of oxygen, which is vital to their survival. Consider installing a timer because, oddly enough, it is more beneficial to run the waterfall at night when oxygen levels are naturally depleted do the absence of sunlight. If you can build a koi pond with a waterfall that runs 24/7, this would be even better.

Exclusive real estate

When you build a koi pond, it is for koi only. Never allow people to dip their feet in the water on hot days or let a child play in the pond. It should be for the exclusive use of your beloved fish.

Keep it safe for the koi

For various reasons, koi are known to jump and can land outside of their pond if it is not built with this in mind. If you intend to build a koi pond that will contain them permanently, you will need to ensure there are at least six inches between the top and the top surface of the water. You can incorporate a lip into the edge of the pond so that if an errant koi tries to flee, it will rebound off the lip and flip back into the water. You will never see a goldfish trying that stunt!

Koi enthusiasts are thrilled to give you the most detailed information on raising the breed and housing them. Look up a koi breeders club before you build a koi pond and you will learn everything you need to know to ensure your fish live a long, healthy life under your care.

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