Koi Pond Pump Tips

Koi are expensive, beautiful pond fish that need plenty of oxygen and clean water, so a koi pond pump is an important purchase. When you shop for a koi pond pump, you should be sure that you choose the right type for your pond.

Pumps are divided into submersible and external categories. While external pumps used to be the most common type of pump, the submersible koi pond pump is still currently the most common pump type. This pump can be simply dropped into a pond and then plugged into a nearby low voltage electrical outlet.

External pumps are also an excellent koi pond pump choice, especially if the pond is on the large side, because they are able to handle the volume of water in a large pond without struggling. External pumps are positioned outside of the pond, usually in a box with plenty of ventilation. These pumps are much cheaper to run than submersible pumps, but are harder to install.

If you thought you could not have a fish pond because there is no place for you to plug in your koi pond pump, you may want to take a look at solar powered models. These pumps can be used to circulate water in a very small pond or run a fountain, but are not strong enough to pump water over a waterfall or circulate water in a large pond. If your pond is not in full sun for a large portion of the day, your pump wont recharge enough to run at all, so situating your pond in the right spot is extremely important.

You may want to look for a koi pond pump that is also a filter. These pumps work well in conjunction with a separate biological filter, since a biological filter cannot handle all of the solid waste in the pond.

Finally, once you decide which type of koi pond pump you want, you will need to decide how powerful your pump needs to be. If you have a large fountain or an elaborate waterfall in your pond, you will need an extremely powerful pump to circulate water and still have enough energy to push water to the fountain or waterfall.