Laminate Countertop Replacement

In many homes throughout America, laminate style counters are the most commonly used kitchen counter surfaces. These popular countertop surfaces come in a wide variety of different colors and styles. They are tend to last a long period of time; however, it is possible for a laminate countertop to become damaged. When a countertop becomes damaged a laminate countertop replacement is needed. This is when many homeowners begin their weekend project of laminate countertop replacement.

We referred to laminate countertop replacement project as a weekend project because it is a fairly easy project that many handy homeowners can have done in as little as a day or two. Before the laminate countertop replacement project begins, homeowners need to pick up the supplies that are needed for the project. The majority of the supplies needed can already be found in a home or they can be purchased from a local home improvement store.

Common Mistakes

When doing a laminate replacement, there are many self installers who make the process more difficult than it originally needs to be. One of the most common mistakes that a person does is remove their old countertop. This process may seem like a good idea at first; however, it can cause irreversible damage to a countertop area and it is extremely time consuming.

Homeowners are encouraged to place the new countertop directly on top of the old one or use a piece of fitted plywood as a new surface. If plywood is being used, then the surface is already rough. Other surfaces must be sanded to help the adhesive of the new countertop stick to the old surface.

To fully begin the installation process homeowners will need to measure their complete countertop area. This is an very important step because inaccurate measurements can result in an unprofessional looking countertop. Once the measurements have been made it is time to start cutting the laminate countertop replacements to size.

After the pieces are cut the next step in the laminate countertop replacement project is to use contact cement on the counter and on the back of the laminate pieces. It is important to follow the directions of the cement product before laying the laminate pieces on the counter space.

Once the whole countertop area has been covered with the new laminate pieces it is time to trim the excess laminate that may be found around the countertop edges. The trimming may require special tools; however, sometimes the original tools used to size the laminate pieces can be used.

To prevent the trimmed area from becoming sharp many individuals use molding or the contact cement to smooth out the sides. Within a few hours or days it is possible to have a laminate countertop replacement that looks like it was professionally installed.