Landscape Lighting -Top 4 Reasons to Install

landscape lighting at nightThere are a few fundamental and very good reasons why you would choose landscape lighting over a dark and cavernous back or front yard. Not only does an adequate arrangement of lighting keep your premises secure from unwanted intruders but it also prevents safety hazards such as falling over in the dark and bumping into pesky trees! Additionally, landscape lighting turns doom and gloom into a wonderland of pretty features that appear to come alive at night.

1. Security at home

When you are planning your landscape lighting and trying to determine what fixtures to buy, try to think like a burglar. Work out the vulnerable areas around your house and see if there are entry points where a cunning thief can let himself in. These are the spots that need to be lit, but if you do not want to compromise the aesthetics of your lighting design scheme, install sensor lights that only go on when someone passes by them.

That way you have dual function lighting; it protects but doesn't detract from the look you want to achieve. It also protects you better from attack by someone lurking in the bushes when you are letting yourself in to your own home. Avoid fumbling for the house keys by having your path lit at certain hours or to come on via the sensors.

2. Light your way to safety

Absolutely no one carries a torch with them from the car to the house to light their way. Many people have taken to flashing their cell phone on for a bit of extra luminescence when trying to unlock the door, but this is gravely inadequate for vulnerable people such as the elderly, children or those who commonly have armloads of parcels to carry in from the car. Landscape lighting can help you prevent accidents caused by not watching where you're walking.

Especially when your landscaping is newly installed, your yard can be an obstacle course in the dark until you become accustomed to it. Use landscape lighting to highlight shrubs, steps and pathways. Consider installing path lights as a guide, and lights that shine on the front door, garbage cans and letterbox, or any other features that you will potentially use on a dark night.

3. Good looks matter too!

When you are planning the features of your yard, you want them to achieve maximum exposure. After all, you will be spending plenty of dollars on them, why only allow them to be visible for half of the time? Landscape lighting fixtures are available in a dazzling array of styles, shapes and colors for a wide range of uses.

Shine a spotlight on your new gazebo or turn your patio or porch into an entertaining venue to be admired. Light up the pool, highlight your favorite tree, your prized rose bushes or the fountain that grants you peace and serenity.

4. Well-lit homes look more expensive

Not only is landscape lighting highly functional and undeniably attractive if done correctly, it also increases the value of your home. Drive past a selection of homes for sale at night and see if any are well lit for potential buyers to view at their leisure.

Guaranteed, the ones that will attract buyers sooner are the ones that have used landscape lighting to best advantage. Make it work for you too and you will not only have a more beautiful home to look at but you will enjoy living there more safely.

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Gazebo image by Ricardo Villela