How to Build a Landscape Retaining Wall

boulder landscape retaining wallA landscape retaining wall is an excellent way to give depth and substance to a yard that may run not have much character. Use retaining walls in a variety of ways and allow their versatility to enhance hilly, flat, or even vertical terrain. Here are several basic applications.

Flat Terrain:

On flat ground, a landscape retaining wall allows you to build steppes, boxes, and even benches that will give your back yard space texture. Whether you choose to merely stack stones that you found in a creek, or if you decide to purchase a custom designed wall from a stonecutter, you will find a world within your backyard that you didn’t even know was there.

Hilly Terrain:

On hilly terrain, a retaining wall can help hold back erosion. Try cutting a flowerbed into the side of a hill and then putting a landscape retaining wall behind it. Not only will the wall keep the dirt from running back down into the bed when it rains, but the wall itself can serve as a beautiful backdrop for the fauna that you have chosen to place in the bed.

Vertical Terrain:

Imagine scooping a concave garden out of the side of a near vertical hill. A landscape retaining wall can be used almost like a balcony railing to keep your dirt and plant life firmly situated in your hillside garden. This type of application is a lot of work, but the result can be absolutely stunning and will give you a backyard space that is completely unique.

While the installation of a landscape retaining wall is physically hard work, it does not take a lot of technical ability. There are two main ways that these retaining walls are built, and both are pretty simple.

The first style is the true homegrown method. Go down to the creek on your property or to a local quarry. This option gives you the opportunity to handpick the stones that you want to use.

Once you have chosen the stones, it’s time to head home and get dirty. The second option is to buy a prefabricated stone wall. While it does not come assembled (this would be much too heavy), it does come with all of the stones cut and arranged on a pallet with detailed instructions. All that you have to do is supply the sweat equity that is required to stack them up in the prescribed order.

Whichever method you choose, you can begin your project knowing that the installation of a landscape retaining wall will not only add to the aesthetic value of your home, but to the financial value as well. Homes with unique and creative landscaping consistently appraise for higher values than identical houses that have no outdoor character.

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photo by Runder -CreativeCommons Attribution