Landscape Solutions for Small Yards

When you have a small yard, you may think your landscaping options are very limited. However, with a little ingenuity you can find landscaping solutions for small yards that will suit your taste and make your space a wonderful place to be.

Landscaping small areas does not mean that you lose all landscaping choices. You just have to scale back your options. You can still do a variety of things that will make your small yard look wonderful. Following are some landscaping solutions for small yards.

Planning your Space

When you need landscaping solutions for small yards, you will have to plan to get the best use of your limited space. Using space wisely is the key to making small landscape design possible. Whether you are making a Japanese garden, growing herbs, needing lawn space or accommodating a dog, planning is the key to making it work.

Your design, your work and your plant choices will all be determined by your small garden plan. You will need to be realistic about your space limitations. Do not use large boulders, rocks or a pond. You will also need to focus your garden on one theme or idea. While it would be nice to have a flower garden, herb garden, vegetable garden and lawn space in your yard, it is just not practical in a small area. Choose one focus for your yard and work from there.

Building up your Small yard

One of the most important landscaping solutions for small yards is building up, not out. If your space is limited, a great way to increase your space is to build raised flowerbeds for your plants. This is a simple do it yourself project that can be accomplished in an afternoon.

Building raised flowerbeds in a bench style will give you a panting bed on top and a storage shelf below. This type of flowerbed is 3 feet tall and is constructed by making a small box. The floor of the box is lined with landscape fabric, and then soil is added.

The planting area in a 3 foot raised flowerbed should be at least 14 inches deep. The reason for this depth is to keep the soil moist. Soil in raised flowerbeds and other pots tends to dry out quickly, so more soil will help hold water in the unit.

If building a raised flowerbed is not for you, container gardening is another great landscaping solution for small yards. This is a great option is you have a terrace space and want to add color and life. Placing plants in containers only takes up less overall space, and makes your garden portable.

The containers can be picked for their color and size to add to the style of your small space. Planters come is so many shapes and sizes these days, you can really make a design impact in your yard. Take a tour through the container section of your home and garden store and look at your options. With so many choices, it is easy to pick a theme.

Other Small garden designs

Landscaping solutions for small yards do not necessarily have to include plants. Another option is using a well-designed rock garden. Rock gardens are obviously easier to care for than plants. They make attractive focal points for your yard and are a great solution for a small space. Choose your rocks carefully and find ones that coordinate together.

Water features need not be excluded from your limited garden space. While you cannot have a large pond in your yard, small water features can add a lot of character to your yard. A small birdbath can be a perfect landscaping solution for small yards.