Landscaping for Privacy

Landscaping for privacy is a much more attractive way to get privacy in your yard than constructing a fence. It is also a highly rewarding past time if you enjoy gardening and working with your hands. Adding trees and bushes to your yard also helps the environment and allows for a natural, attractive ambiance throughout your yard.

The additional privacy it affords is a bonus for people who spend a lot of time in their yard, who have a pool or hot tub or who have young children who frequently play in the yard. It gives a sense of privacy and security without disrupting the flow of the yard. Depending on the type of shrubs and trees purchased, landscaping for privacy may also be a less costly means of getting additional privacy than erecting a fence.

One of the more popular ways of landscaping for privacy is to use trees or tall, thin bushes lined in a row to create a type of natural fence along a property line. Dense bushes will afford the home owner plenty of privacy and as the shrubs grow taller, you will have a height advantage as well so people can not peer over the natural fence into your yard. Landscaping for privacy is often done around a hot tub or pool that is found within a yard. You can keep the rest of your yard natural but use hanging plants, lattice work and trees and bushes to enclose just the area where your hot tub or pool resides.

Landscaping for privacy is a fun way to map out your land boundaries as well too. You don't even have to go in a straight line with your landscaping but can curve the line around to make a nice visual from higher up. Alternately you can start off with a tall, straight line then layer bushes and plants coming out from there to make a curved interior border or a zig zag.

There are many different plants, trees and shrubs you can use for landscaping for privacy. The best way to determine what plants and shrubs would be best for you is to diagram your property line and visit a local garden center or nursery. The associates will be able to tell you what plants will be best suited for landscaping for privacy.

Not only are there particular plants that will be better than others but depending on how much maintenance you want to put into your plants, there may be some that are better for your lifestyle than others. Some evergreen shrubs will take less maintenance and care than other types of plants. Landscaping for privacy will take some ongoing maintenance but you typically do not want it to be a full time job. A good combination of low maintenance plants and a few higher end plants is a good way to have a nice mixture of different types and textures to lend some interest to the landscape.

Landscaping for privacy can be done by the homeowner or a landscape architect can be hired. Whichever way you choose, it can be a fun way to spend a weekend and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Landscaping for privacy will ensure the residents of the house have an attractive area in which to play or have fun while keeping out prying eyes.

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