Landscaping for Privacy

landscaping for privacyBelieve it or not, landscaping for privacy is a great way to add value to your home. Not only for yourself while you are living there but also for potential buyers down the road. We are living in a world that is constantly becoming more and more crowded. The population continuously grows while the land mass and resources are in limited supply. Among those things most often sacrificed, privacy is high on the list.

For that reason, adding landscaping that will help insure privacy to you as a property owner is a great addition to your home and worth every penny (in my humble opinion) that you spend on the process. It is also an improvement that potential buyers will value as well and that is an important consideration when deciding which home improvement projects are worth pursuing and which should be saved for another time.

Your Backyard Oasis

Another great thing about landscaping for privacy is that it does provide some peace of mind when it comes to allowing your children to play outside. I know I live in continuously suppressed fear every time they play outside that someone is going to come up and take them away.

I work very hard to allow them the independence necessary to play outside. Landscaping for privacy has helped tremendously with that. While we do not have a completely fenced yard, our creative landscaping has created a visual barrier that is at the very least comforting to me.

Why Privacy Landscaping?

The question often arises as to whether landscaping for privacy is better than a privacy fence or not. We’ve all heard the saying about how good fences make good neighbors, however, the right shrubbery and proper landscaping can create the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

Wooden fences and the newer vinyl fences are all very expensive to purchase and even more expensive if you need installation or the material required to install them yourself. Over all, the pricing for fences is much more prohibitive than the costs involved in creative landscaping. It generally comes down to a matter of price for many struggling families however; this is far from the only reason to use landscaping rather than a fence.

Fences may create wonderful neighbors by allowing some degree of privacy. Unfortunately, they also create eyesores if they are not properly maintained. Wood fences are the most common privacy fences and also the most difficult to maintain. As such, shrubs offer much less work in order to maintain while offering the same degree of protection from prying eyes. Carefully concocted landscaping simply looks better in a yard than a fence that is weathered and worn.

The best reason behind landscaping for privacy is perhaps also the greatest reason to landscape at any time. This is your garden oasis. It is your outdoor living space and it simply seems much more peaceful and natural to use natural appearing landscaping in order to define that space.

By planting trees and shrubs that will provide privacy and using stones and rocks as natural accents for that area as well, you are creating an atmosphere that is conducive to being outdoors. This is your personal space and you should be able to enjoy the time you spend in this space without being cluttered by fences marring the natural beauty or prying eyes of neighbors and passers by.

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image by Casey Serin