Landscaping with Stone

Granite, Limestone, or Marble, the possibilities for landscaping with stone are endless. Whether you are looking for groundcover, stones to adorn your garden, or creating a stone entry or walkway, there are so many beautifully decorative ways to adorn your home with stone. Choosing stones for your landscaping is a matter of personal choice and preference.

Stone Possibilities

When landscaping with stone, you should consider the type of plants that you already have on your property, and choose stones that will accentuate and enhance the natural beauty of your plants. Boulders, sculptures, and pebbles can all be used to create an original backyard that is unique and beautiful. Stone also looks splendid when added to water features such as garden ponds, rivers, and streams.

Landscaping Cobbles and Boulders

Using cobbles is an excellent way to bring the beauty and feel of stone into your outdoor environment. Granite, Sonoma, and Colorado will add beauty and individuality to any exterior that you decorate with these stones. In a wide variety of colors, their natural hues and tones will enhance your backyard foliage and plants.

A large boulder can add a touch of class to any back yard and will often be the focal point of your design plan. You can use one boulder for your central design, or space out multiple boulders for an aesthetic and pleasing look. Large boulders made from minerals such as Rose Quartz will add color to your environment as well. When landscaping with stone, consider the size, color, and shape of the stones you are working with.

Stone in The Garden

When it comes to the garden, landscaping with stone offers many possibilities. You should take into consideration, the fact that rocks will attract and hold heat. This will increase the temperature of your garden and may increase the amount of water that your garden consumes.

You should design your garden and landscaping plans with this in mind. You can accommodate for these needs by adding a large boulder that is a good distance from your other plants, or by ensuring that certain plants that are hardy enough and resilient will be in the direct line of the rock. Stepping stones are a great addition to the garden and lend their beauty and charm as well.

When choosing stones for your landscaping your imagination and creativity may begin to run rampant. The possibilities for landscaping with stone are endless and you may discover that you are deriving a number of different projects that you would like to create that features decorative rock.


Patios, walls, foundations, buildings, columns, and floors may all be fashioned from decorative stone. You can find many design ideas and tips by purchasing a landscaping book from your home and garden center. It should also be stated that the decorative use of stones with your landscaping could increase your property value, so that is just more incentive to decorating with stone.

You can also find more information by visiting your local library or research landscaping with stone on the Internet. Landscaping with stone is also referred to as hardscape, where plants would be referred to as softscape. When you are performing your research, be sure to include hardscape for the best results. No matter what the project, you will find that adding stone to your landscaping will bring many rewards, including financial and aesthetic.

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