Weed Whackers

Gas Powered Weed WhackerHave you ever spent an entire morning or afternoon, or even an entire day for that matter, on your hands and knees trying to remove all of the stubborn and harmful weeds from your back yard garden? If you have then you probably also know the sinking feeling you have afterwards when you realise that you still have to go around to the front of the house and do that yard too.

Pulling weeds is nobody’s favourite pastime and is the bane of a gardener’s existence, which is why you need to choose one of the weed whackers available out there to do that job for you.

Landscaping With Cacti

cactus flower in bloomLandscaping with cacti is a way to adorn your yard with beautiful, exotic plants that require little care or effort to maintain. They thrive under many conditions. Different types of cacti have unique textures and various colors. Many have exotic blooms. There are many shapes and sizes. By combining these different qualities and some imagination and planning you can create a bold, beautiful landscape.

Once they have been established you can virtually leave them alone except for the rare watering in the driest season. Although cacti are usually thought of growing only in the hottest climates, they are actually very resistant to the cold.

Cedar Arbors

Cedar arbors are constructions that you’ll find in gardens and can best be described as a cross between a pergola and a gazebo - with a seat. In the strictest terms an arbor is a shady retreat with sides and a roof formed out of trees or lattice work with climbing plants. So, you could construct an arbor from any material capable of forming a lattice - metal, plastics etc. However, you really should use timber for this construction and using cedar wood will add that delightful fresh scent to the arbor when it is being used.

Materials for an Arbor

Skid Steers

John Deere 240 Skid Steer LoaderWhether you’re able to drive and work a skid steer yourself or need to hire someone to do that for you, skid steers can save you endless amounts of time and effort for major earth moving or general lifting jobs, if you’re tackling a larger DIY project. Skid steer and track loaders are available in a range of sizes and power possibilities as well as having attachments for other jobs such as mulching, flailing and sweeping.

Aluminum Pergolas

Anyone not considering aluminum pergolas is missing out a fantastic opportunity to add a ‘new age’ element to their garden as well as being able to develop a truly unique design to their pergolas. There is no rule or law that says a pergola has to be made out of wood or look rustic and yet, for some people the thought of having an aluminum pergola would be virtually purgatory.

Why a Pergola?